Bathroom Design Trends in St. Louis


mcdermott remodeling bathroom design trendsAh, the humble bathroom. What was once a room focused on the utility of your daily ablutions has recently become so much more. Today, you don’t just want somewhere where you can wash your hands and be done with it. The bathroom suite can be a place of both function and style. With all the time you spend there, preparing for your day, and getting ready for bed, you deserve a spot that makes you feel good. 

Creating Your Oasis

A well-designed bathroom is a place to relax and indulge yourself. You should be able to enjoy your surroundings while you soak in the tub after a long day, or pretty yourself up for date night. It should feel like an extension of the rest of your home, not just an afterthought. 

Luckily, whatever your vibe, there’s a bathroom design trend out there for you. Turn your bathroom into a luxurious home oasis with these creative design suggestions

Power Up Your Powder Room

mcdermott remodeling bathroom design trends

Just because your powder room doesn’t have all the amenities of a master suite, it doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Liven up your half-bath with a bright, eye-popping print wallpaper or a bold color scheme. Don’t be afraid to choose a busy print for your small space – it’s actually not as counterintuitive as you’d think. Try a large-print pattern to avoid turning your bathroom into an optical illusion and let your lights and mirror do the rest. 

Spa Zen Zone 

mcdermott remodeling bathroom design trends

What could be more important than taking care of yourself? Enhance your bathroom with luxurious touches straight out of a Nordic spa. Just a few examples of what you could do include a Jacuzzi jet tub, a bidet or washlet, a doorless rainfall shower, and a soaker tub. For the full spa experience, choose double vanities, radiant under-floor heating, and heated towel racks. Top it all off with a few stylish accents, like candles, an aloe vera plant, and some big fluffy towels, and you’ll be feeling the Zen in no time! 

Vintage Vibes

mcdermott remodeling bathroom design trends

What once was old is now new again! Take your bathroom back to the golden age by dressing it up in vintage. Nothing is more reminiscent of times past than glittering gold and bronze fixtures. Why not give your vintage bathroom a little sparkle? It will make your bathroom feel luxurious without you having to shell out a fortune. To complete the look, go for a claw-foot tub, a gentle-patterned vintage tile, a round mirror with an ornate frame, and some dark, rich accent hues that will set off your glitzy fixtures. 

Classic Black and White

mcdermott remodeling bathroom design trends

If you’re thinking about something clean and modern but all-white sounds like too much work, why not go for a high-contrast black and white palette? Black and white make for a beautiful bathroom combination. It’s attention-grabbing without being overly ostentatious. If you’ve got an eye for cool modern style, try white subway tile on the walls with a jet-black vanity, or black flooring and fixtures with white ceramic features. With this classic combo, you’ll be loving your bathroom design for years to come. 

Industrial Envy

mcdermott remodeling bathroom design trends

Another trend that we see loads of these days is the industrial look. But just because it’s popular doesn’t mean you can’t make it completely and uniquely your own. If you enjoy a look with a bit of an edge, this could be the design for you. Your industrial-style inspiration can come from any era, which gives you a ton of options. Concrete floors and countertops with brass or silver-toned metal faucets and fixtures can give you a look of unfinished elegance, while wood makes a great rustic accent. For maximum pop, the trick is to keep it simple. 

High-Tech Haven

mcdermott remodeling bathroom design trends

If you’re tech-savvy, shouldn’t you have a bathroom to match? Imagine not having to wait for your shower to get up to temperature! With a smart shower, you control it through an app on your smartphone or through your smart home hub. Other tech features you might consider include built-in Bluetooth speaker systems, voice-activated lights, or smart mirrors with embedded screens so you can catch up with the news as you get ready. 

Whatever look you’re going for with your bathroom remodel, J.T. McDermott is always ready to turn your vision into a reality. We believe that, when it comes to bathrooms, you shouldn’t have to compromise beauty to get the features you want. Reach out today – we would love to hear your ideas and show you how we can bring it all to life.

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