Fix Current Issues and Take Charge of Protecting Your Home

All homes need routine attention throughout the year. At J.T. McDermott Remodeling Contractors, our full-service design-build promise extends beyond the completion of your home’s remodeling project. We take care of you long after the job is complete by providing a wide range of simple but important home maintenance and handyman services that help keep your home in top condition. Our goal is to free you from the routine tasks that you might not have the time, skill, or desire to complete yourself.

Over the years, we’ve found that a significant portion of change orders in our remodeling projects are due to repairs we uncover during the work – repairs that could have been avoided if preventive maintenance had been done. We offer seasonal semi-annual home maintenance plans which provide inspection services that look for carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and other issues that are outside typical remodeling projects. We put the same level of care and craftsmanship into our home maintenance services as we do our award-winning remodeling work.

Scheduled Home Maintenance Services

Simple inspections and repairs done on a regular basis help prevent costly repairs down the road. We firmly believe that our proactive approach sets us apart from other contractors by letting us help you prevent problems before they occur, not just fix them after they happen. We’re in the business of building long-lasting relationships, and our clients respond by placing their trust in us to keep their homes functioning smoothly and looking great.

Ongoing Maintenance and Repair Services

Because we understanding how your home is structured, we’re the perfect choice for helping you keep it maintained. We offer you regularly scheduled maintenance on any home jobs that need to be done. This “housekeeping” service lets us identify potential issues and fix them before they become big problems. Inspection points include decks, chimneys, interior and exterior stairways, doors and windows, fireplaces, foundations, fixtures, and roofs. After we inspect your home, we supply you with a report that lists which points need to be addressed.

We offer Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter semi-annual plans that each include two visits per year.

Spring/Summer Seasonal Items – Semi-Annual Plan

  • Schedule/remind homeowner of HVAC inspection/service
  • Sweep/blow debris off deck
  • Inspect exterior paint
  • Inspect siding for damage
  • Inspect masonry for damage
  • Repair/replace damaged window screens (T&M)
  • Inspect Roof for leaks (may require 2 men) – photograph conditions
  • Inspect chimney tuckpointing and chimney cap – photograph conditions
  • Clean gutters
  • Inspect attic for leaks
  • Inspect attic for critters
  • Inspect insulation in attic & make recommendation if needed (usually a one time inspection as it will not change)
  • Inspect downspouts for proper flow
  • Inspect exterior of windows for proper caulking – touch up as needed
  • Change direction of ceiling fans to summer mode
  • Inspect foundation for drainage problems
  • Inspect basement/crawlspace for moisture issues
  • Inspect for insect activity (termites, ants, wood bees, etc.)
  • Inspect for erosion on property
  • Inspect skylights
  • Clean all window well drains from debris and make sure drains are clear

Fall/Winter Seasonal Items – Semi-Annual Plan

  • Test sump pump
  • Clean and inspect gutters
  • Remind you to schedule furnace inspection/cleaning
  • Remind you to schedule chimney and flue cleaned (twice per year)
  • Trim back small trees and shrubs away from house
  • Check gas fireplace shut offs
  • Schedule chimney cleaning – additional charge
  • Change direction of ceiling fans to winter mode
  • Inspect caulking around interior of windows, re-caulk as necessary
  • Inspect caulking around baseboards, re-caulk as necessary
  • Inspect floor drains, add oil
  • Inspect shower caulking
  • If caulk needs replacing this is done at time and material
  • Clean or replace HVAC filter if applicable
  • Inspect overhead garage doors and openers for proper operation
  • Lubricate door opener drive/chain if necessary
  • Inspect garage door seals
  • Change keypad battery
  • Inspect pilot lights for natural gas appliances
  • Test granite counter top seal (If applicable)
  • Adjust cabinet doors

Put Your Home Maintenance on Auto-Pilot

We want to help you protect your greatest asset: your home. Preserve the value of your home through regularly scheduled maintenance. It saves you time and money, and can make your home more comfortable, livable and beautiful. Regular home maintenance also enhances your home’s value and safety and, just like the regular maintenance you do for your car, you can avoid major home repair surprises by addressing small problems now.


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