6 Tips to Revitalize Your Space and Experiment with New Layouts at Your St. Louis Home


Did you set up the house the same way the previous owners had it? Did they have the couch and TV there, so you figured it looked good that way and did it too? Often it’s easier to see what others have done and assume it’s the best and most efficient way to layout a space. However, it can be fun, and it can open a whole new world of possibilities if you try out some new arrangements in your home. Below we’ll talk about what to consider before moving heavy furniture, and then we walk through the room that you’ve probably left untouched for a while. 

Before You Move Heavy Furniture 

It can be exciting to switch up your spaces, but before you jump in, it’s essential to take a moment and think through what might be best. Then, sit in the room, and if others share the home with you, invite them to join you! Next, think about the ways the room irritates you. For example, do you bump your knee into the coffee table when plopping into the couch? Or do you struggle to hold conversations with guests because of the weird angle the chairs are positioned? Take note of these grievances you have with the area; they will come in handy when configuring a new layout. 

Now think about the ways you’d like to be able to use the room. For example, you might need to find a spot in the family room for that play kitchen your kids got for their birthday. No matter what it is, how you want to use the room will determine what layout will work best for you and your family.

Next, spend some time on Pinterest or Houzz and check out some layouts online that you find appealing. Maybe there’s something on the wall in that photo that you think will bring out a fantastic element to your space. Or perhaps you just never thought to put a table the way a designer did. You can often get your own creative juices flowing just by seeing what others have done, even if you don’t end up using anything you’ve found. 

Popular Layout Suggestions for Living Rooms

Living rooms are often a catch-all for all activities. Often we entertain, relax after a long day at work, let the kids set up their train set, and so on. So finding the perfect layout can feel impossible when the room has to accommodate such a wide range of life activities. Here are some of the most popular ways to set up a living room. 

Conversation Layouts

These layouts are best suited for entertaining or game night. It means that all the seating furniture is positioned so that they are facing each other. This makes it easy to hold conversations when hosting a party, but it also makes it less uncomfortable if you’re playing with the kids on a Wednesday afternoon. These layouts often benefit from a three-point seating arrangement or two sofas facing each other. A coffee table in the middle is best for drinks, snacks, or board games. 

TV and Movie Night Layouts

While it’s nice to have the occasional dinner party, there is almost nothing better than sitting down with your loved ones and watching a great movie. However, weird angles and uncomfortable seating can make it hard to enjoy the movie when you have to constantly reposition. These layouts take the space and create a haven of plushy sofas, snack tables, and lounge seating. Face all the seating toward to TV or face a large section toward the TV and use a few chairs to face the couch for a multipurpose TV layout and conversation layout. 

Multipurpose Layouts

As we said before, the living room is often the most versatile in your home. Unfortunately, this can lead to clutter and arguments when someone’s coloring gets moved because someone else wanted to watch TV. The best way to combat these situations is to try and create little stations within the room. This might mean there is a couch facing the TV for movie nights, a small desk in the opposite corner for crafts, homework, and late nights working from home, and maybe a corner behind the couch where play kitchens or train sets can be set up without needing to be moved when friends and family come to visit. 

Since you’ve done your search, you’ve thought about how you use the space; the best thing for you to do now and try out some new layouts and see how they work. Don’t give up on them if they don’t work right away; it might take a few times of finagling to get it right. But once you do, you’ll stop getting bruises from knocking your knee on the coffee table, and you’ll hear less fighting from the kids!

Ready to get started?