9 Kitchen Design Ideas from 2021 That You Shouldn’t Miss


Trends can sometimes be hard to keep up with, but the most important part is identifying what resonates with you and your already established aesthetics. Below are some of our favorite trends that have come out of the crazy year that has been 2021. Of course, we aren’t suggesting that everyone has to follow them, but they are great ways to get inspired and maybe take some notes on how you’d like to change up the look of your kitchen design. 

Curved Features

Many people might not have connected with the sharp lines that came along with the midcentury modern trend, which will be welcome for them. Kitchens with curved features such as rounded countertops instead of squared off or light fixtures with curves and soft edges are now popular. This can be taken down to even the shape of a kitchen seat, the hardware on the cabinets, or the decorative accents such as cutting boarding being round. 

Brave Colors

Everyone always wants to know what the new color of the year is going to be. This year is no different with the many recent design trends that involve color. First, there’s the trend of colorful islands. This trend has been around for a few years, but it’s still going strong. 

Second, there are new “brave” colors for cabinetry. We’ve been dipping our toes in dark greens and navy blues for a few years now, but these days homeowners are jumping in the deep end and using brighter and more bold colors on their cabinetry. 

The third is the opposite of these bright new colors; some use black for their lower cabinets. This trend typically works best for more open and minimalistic designs, but it’s a show stopper for sure. 

Next, we have those who think ceilings shouldn’t always be white. Recently we’ve seen the trend of painted color ceilings, and it’s a fun way to change up the concept of an accent wall. 

Lastly, we can’t talk about color trends without bringing up the new color people call greige. After years of gray and white, people are now looking for a warmer option that’s still neutral. That’s where this awesome color greige comes in. 

Mesh Cabinetry

Now, wait, the cabinets are not made of mesh; however, mesh accents on the hardware are a new trend that hasn’t quite taken off. It’s a fun, unique design idea that isn’t for everyone, but someone out there will love it and have it in their home by next year. Unfortunately, the mesh look tends to be suited for modern style best. 

Dark Wood with Bright Whites

Bright white has been a trend in kitchens for a long time, and now finally, we are getting some more color and wood mixed in. Combining white cabinets with dark wood accents is gaining popularity as people become increasingly over the all-white look. This trend is warmer and more inviting than the white look and can lend itself to more diverse styles. 

Marble is still in!

There’s not much to say, but marble is still one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops. It’s simple, organic, elegant, and has a classic, timeless look that’s sure to still be on-trend in 10 years.

Statement Lights

Who doesn’t love a cool light? Statement pendant lights are popular in kitchens to add a bit more color and improve visibility while prepping food or controlling the lighting to set a mood. Your cabinets might be the ball gown, but your lights are the jewelry. You can show off your personality with a unique pendant, and there are endless choices that range in style, shape, color, design, and size. 

Mixing Rustic with Polished

Similar to the wood with the white trend, mixing rustic elements with polished elements is a great way to add contrast to the design of your kitchen. This could be in the form of a marble countertop with reclaimed barn wood backsplash or antique tiles mixed with modern cabinetry. No matter how you decide to combine these two, there’s a beauty in the juxtaposition of these elements. 


Many of us might cringe at this one, but we aren’t talking about the wallpaper from your grandma’s house that smelled like cigarettes. Instead, the new wallpaper patterns that are coming out are unique, stylish, and elegant. They come in a wide range of styles and designs, and if this trend intrigues you, you’ll be sure to find something suited to your aesthetics. 

Statement Tile Flooring

This could be terra cotta tiles, tiles with bright and unique patterns, or a bold and audacious tile color; no matter what this brings to mind for you, statement tile flooring is increasing in popularity this year. While some argue that it’s hard to keep the tile in a kitchen clean, there’s no mistaking how eye catching this trend can be!

All of these added to one kitchen would be a nightmare, but delicately adding some to your kitchen might be just what your kitchen needs to feel new and fresh. If one of these caught your attention, maybe look into ways other people have used these in their homes and collecting inspiration photos. That way, you have clear ideas of what you want to do when it comes time for a kitchen remodel.

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