How We Work With You To Stay On Budget For A House Renovation in St. Louis


how to stay on budget for a house renovation st louisNothing can blow a remodeling budget faster than making changes on the fly. A lot of legwork occurs before the first nail is hammered. There are onsite visits, estimating, designing, material selection, and scheduling, to name a few. Once a project begins it should be a well-choreographed process. All are designed to help keep the project on budget. Any unexpected changes can come with a price.

How To Stay On Budget For a House Renovation

Many variables come into play in deciding how your money is allocated to a remodeling project. First and foremost is the scope of work. Is it a simple facelift which is the least expensive? Removal and replacement of such things as cabinets, counters, and flooring is a mid-range project. A total transformation that might include removing walls is the most expensive.

Next is how involved you want to be in the project. Obviously, DIY is the cheapest but comes with a lot of risks. Being your own contractor still includes those risks as it is up to you find the right team to help fulfill your goals, but it can help you stay on budget during your house renovation. 

A third tier is if you do the demolition work in advance of a contractor doing the job. The risk here is that if you go too far and break something, you own it.

Finally, you look to a remodeling contractor to do a turnkey project. Yes, it costs more but the weight is off of your shoulders and, if the contractor is reputable, the work is guaranteed with a warranty.

how to stay on budget for a house renovation st louis

Setting Your Remodeling Priorities

After you have set a budget and, let’s say you’ve have chosen to let a design-build company do the work, they will discuss with you your priorities and where the money is best allocated to meet your wishes. Staying on budget during your house renovation starts with defining the scope of work and then with the selection of material. You might want quartz or granite countertops but know based on the scope of the project that it is not in the budget. Your designer may suggest cultured marble or even today’s modern laminates that give you the look you want at a lower cost.  

The same goes with flooring. Most St. Louis homeowners want wood or tile but today’s luxury vinyl still offers the “wow” effect you desire and help you stay within your house renovation budget.

Finally, faucets and fixtures vary in price and quality. Off brands might be priced attractively but, as the old saw goes, “you get what you pay for.” Brizo and Kohler are top shelf, but we have found that Delta has the selection, styles, and quality that can save you money and still provide the look you want if faucetry isn’t the main priority of the project.

how to stay on budget for a house renovation st louis

Remodeling is like fashion; styles and trends come and go. And, like fashion, you would expect the hottest thing would come at the highest price, but that is not always the case. The kitchen and bath designers at JT McDermott Remodeling are trend watchers and value driven. Again, you may have to down step on the materials used without forsaking the look you want when your budget is factored into account.

That returns us to the start. Knowing what you want going in will give you a clear idea of how to stay on budget for a house renovation. Changing your mind mid-stream is certainly your prerogative but it will cost you more. A good contractor is going to have all of the details nailed down before the first nail is pounded. Often times those results in projects coming in at or just under budget which is a bonus for you.

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