I Want To Remodel My St. Louis House. Where Do I Start?


i want to remodel my house where do i start st louisJim and Amy have lived in their home for more than 20 years. Their kids are grown and moved out and they want a change. They have looked at buying a different home, but they like the one they are in, they like their neighborhood and they like their neighbors. What they don’t like is the dated look and layout of their house.


I Want To Remodel My House, Where Do I Start?

After viewing it from all angles, they decided that staying put and remodeling is their preferred option. Like all others who have never experienced the remodeling of their home, their first question is, “Where do I start?”

The answer to that question begins with more questions they must answer themselves. The first is how long they plan to stay in their house? If they plan on staying into their sunset years where grandchildren will soon roam where once it was their kids, they must consider how their needs will change down the road. If their goals are to update the house with the thought that soon down the road it will be more marketable on the resale market, the scope of their remodeling goals should be pared back.

If you are of the latter mindset, please refer to our blog entry “Is it Even Worth It To Remodel?. You can also refer to Remodeler Magazine’s annual study of the return on investment from a remodeling project. It is a regional report with data specific to the Greater St. Louis area.

Once you have decided on what your long or short goals are, the next step is to find the right contractor. We guide you through that process in our blog entry “The 9 Key Things To Look For When Selecting A Remodeling Contractor In St. Louis.”.

It doesn’t end there. The best way to ensure a satisfactory outcome to a remodeling project is for you to give plenty of thought to your goals. What are your highest priorities? What troubles you most about the house as it is now?

What Is Your Budget?

Many homeowners will decide on a contractor, tell them what they want and then ask how much it will cost holding tight to the vest how much they can budget for the project.

Homeowners do this with the belief that if the contractor knows this information beforehand, he will try to spend every dollar. That is not the right approach with a design-build remodeler who puts your interests at the heart of the relationship. A reputable contractor will look at the overall scope of the project and provide a range of options. If your tastes exceed your budget, they will find solutions.

Know going in how much a remodel costs. In Greater St. Louis, it averages between $20,000 – $65,000 depending on whether it is a kitchen or bathroom. Tailor your timeframe accordingly. If you have budgeted $30,000 but you want a $50,000 remodel you will either have to wait and save up for it or settle for a little less.

Being prepared is the best way to ensure a successful outcome, but don’t think you are going at it on your own. If you’re still thinking “I want to remodel but I’m not sure where to start”. a contractor worth their salt should help guide you through parts of the process you may not have fully resolved on your own.

That noted, preparation also sends a message to the contractor that your goals are focused and you should be considered a partner in the remodeling process.

Ready to get started?