Onwards and Outwards: Types of Additions For Your St. Louis Home

Are you outgrowing your home? It happens to the best of us. Maybe your family is expanding, or your house is simply starting to feel a bit cramped. Whatever the reason, perhaps it’s time to shake things up a bit.  When the walls start to close in, you have two options.  Number one, you can […]

Residential Architects in St. Louis and the Surrounding Areas

Is your home in need of something new? If you’re looking to expand your horizons and your living space, you may be in the market for a residential architect. If you are a resident of the St. Louis, MO, region, or anywhere in the surrounding area, J.T. McDermott Remodeling is your local stop for residential […]

The Architectural Design Process in St. Louis

You’ve made the exciting decision to renovate your home – congratulations!  The question now is, how do you go about doing it? Architectural design is a highly involved but extremely gratifying process. Your team of experts will guide you through every step, from the pre-design stage to drafting the final construction drawings. Here is an […]

Hitting the Gym at Home

Does your workout regimen need a little pick-me-up? We get it: these days, making it out to the gym is a bit iffy. If the prospect of hitting your local fitness facility is making you neglect your routine, maybe it’s time to think about bringing it home.  If you’re ready to make a change but […]

The Colors of Autumn in St. Louis

Fall has arrived, and with it, a whole new world of color. That’s right, autumn is officially here, which means that it is time to break out the knitted scarves, light a crackling fire in the hearth, and bask in the golden glow of the season’s last warmth.    The Reason for the Season As […]

A Question of Quality: How to Find a Great Sofa for Your St. Louis Home

“You can’t fake quality any more than you can fake a good meal.”  William S. Burroughs Let’s face it: you know quality furniture when you feel it. Quality goes beyond what your furniture looks like. Sure, you can buy an inexpensive couch that fits the current trends. But in a year or two, you might […]

From the Floor Up: Bathroom Flooring Options for Your St. Louis Home

When it comes to picking bathroom flooring, the textile you choose must be able to take the heat. Your bathroom gets a ton of daily wear and tear, morning, noon, and night; it sees regular scrub-downs and plenty of splashes. It stands to reason that your flooring material should be able to stand the test […]

The Sinks Sense: Finding the Right Size Sink for Your St. Louis Kitchen

Does size really matter? When it comes to your kitchen sink, the answer is yes, it does. Your sink sees plenty of action on the daily, so you need a good-sized sink that can rise to the occasion.  With all the dishwashing that goes on in your household, filling and refilling the sink with water […]

How to Choose the Best Deck Covering for Your St. Louis Home

Even the best-dressed deck can feel a little bare without the appropriate coverings. Wouldn’t you?  Without a covering, in the heat of the summer with no escape from the glaring sun, your deck won’t be the top choice of places to hang out, regardless of how tricked-out it might be.  So how can you give […]

Twice as Nice: Double-Sided Fireplaces

Nothing makes a house feel like home quite like a warm, crackling fireplace. Top that off with a  well-dressed mantlepiece, and you have a recipe for a beautiful, ultra-cozy home feature. Cuddle up with your partner, enjoy game night with the family, or entertain friends in front of your roaring fireplace. Is there a better […]