Four Awesome Fall Trails Near Webster’s Grove


mcdermott remodeling top trails in websters groveJust because you’re close to the bustling metropolis of St. Louis doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the tranquility of nature! Here are four of our favorite spots to walk, hike, and bike while staying close to home in Webster’s Grove.


Our Favorite Trails Around Webster’s Grove

1. Centennial Greenway

mcdermott remodeling top trails in websters grove

This flat stretch of paved trail winds its way through a busy, densely populated area of St. Louis. Part of Missouri’s ongoing Greenway project, these paths are intended to link together various cities across the state. The goal is to make parks and trails more accessible while giving foot traffic a safe, easy way to commute through city centers.

This particular section of the Greenway runs through Clayton, University City, Ladue, and Olivette, and runs nearly 3.3 miles long. It’s easy to travel by foot or by bike, enjoying recreational spots and restaurants while enjoying the nearby flora and fauna.

Keep an eye out for Coinco, a business located along the Greenway. Along with Ameren, this spot is undergoing a native plant restoration and conservation project. There’s always plenty of plant life blossoming here in the warmer seasons.

2. Queeny Park

mcdermott remodeling top trails in websters grove

Edgar M. Queeny County Park, or Queeny Park for short, is a bit of a drive from Webster’s Grove, but worth every second of the commute. This lush spot is the home of Jarville House, a Greek Revival architectural style estate built in 1854. The land was later renamed Queeny Park after its residents, Edgar M. Queeny, Monsanto’s chairman, and his wife, Ethel. It’s currently one of the biggest parks in the St. Louis County Parks system.

The main path at Queeny Park is Hawk Ridge Trail, a nearly seven-mile loop around the estate. In the forest, you’ll see soaring mature oak and hickory trees, and low scrub populated with dogwoods and redbuds. In the spring, wildflowers bloom in the meadows, and autumn brings out spicebush in the valleys.

Take the path through the woods, where you’ll encounter shaded trails dappled with sunlight, or head through the grassy meadows filled with seasonal flowers. You’ll also find wetlands, including ponds teeming with fish and other wildlife, burbling Owl Creek, and Jarville Lake, named after the manor itself.

This hilly hiking trail is perfect for nature lovers, but the estate has plenty to offer beyond its rugged natural appeal. It also features many other man-made attractions. The estate now houses the Museum of the Dog, and the park itself offers plenty of spots for picnicking, as well as an elaborate play structure that looks like a mixture between the Egyptian Pyramids and Machu Picchu.

On top of being a conservationist, Queeny was also an avid equestrian. Today, the estate boasts horseback riding facilities, including an outdoor ring with jumping rails and cross-country courses. Many of the park’s trails are horse-friendly, and the estate also plays host to Queeny Park Equestrian Events

3. Grant’s Trail

mcdermott remodeling top trails in websters grove
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Named after Ulysses S. Grant, Grant’s Trail is an eight-mile-long multi-use rail-trail that will take you from Lemay to Kirkwood. Its paved surface makes it ideal for every season and is frequently traveled by walkers, bikers, rollerbladers, and cross-country skiers.

The trail’s gentle, winding path is populated with washrooms and water fountains, making it appropriate for strollers, wheelchairs, and even the most casual walkers. This trail passes through both quiet parks and busy streets, giving you a wide variety of options for parking and recreational activities along the way. All street crossings are marked for safety. 

The full eight-mile trip will bring you past a handful of historical landmarks, including Grant’s Farm and White Haven, properties once inhabited by the president himself. Today, Grant’s Farm is home to an animal park and the famous Budweiser Clydesdales!

4. Whitecliff Park Trail

mcdermott remodeling top trails in websters grove
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Not far past Grant’s Farm lies this little greenspace, but don’t overlook it just because of its size! With pebbly gravel paths and its gently sloping terrain, Whitecliff Park is a peaceful spot to enjoy a walk. Hidden in the woods, there is an old abandoned quarry full of water—just to look at, not swim in—spanned by a small bridge. The views are beautiful and scenic, and its serene setting is rare for such a bustling residential suburb.

The park also features a well-equipped park and rec center, where locals gather for picnicking and community events. Be sure you don’t pass over this hidden gem!

We hope you enjoy exploring the sights and sounds of Webster’s Grove as much as we do. Do you have any favorite fall-season haunts? We’d love to hear about them! Reach out today, and let’s compare notes!

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