Where the Fun Is: Basement Wet Bar Ideas in St. Louis


wet bar ideas st. louisIs there anything more fun than a basement wet bar for entertaining crowds large and small? A wet bar is the perfect remodeling project, making your home always ready for party and one of the most popular spots in the neighborhood.

If you’re thinking of adding a wet bar during your basement remodel, here are some of our favorite design ideas.

Break the Rules

The true beauty of installing a wet bar in the basement is that you get to ignore the rules you’ve applied to the rest of the home! There’s no pressure to match the basement space to the kitchen or family room, for example, meaning just about anything design-wise goes. And it doesn’t matter if the space you have to work with is big or small – a fun and functional wet bar is always within reach.

  • Have a large space at your disposal? Go all out and create a full-fledged home bar replete with an oversized counter, lots of bar stools, a pool table, and a full kitchen.

wet bar ideas st. louis

wet bar ideas st. louis

  • Have less space to take advantage of? Tuck the wet bar under the staircase where there’s still plenty of room to storing drink supplies, barware, a wine fridge, and dishwasher.

wet bar ideas st. louis

Wet Bar Designs and Ideas

Some people simply want the function of a basement wet bar, but most prefer to make it the centerpiece of their basement remodel. Wood cabinetry, metal accents, and quartz or granite countertops are just some of the classic design elements you can choose. Here are some other ideas to consider:

wet bar ideas st. louis

  • A single-wall wet bar works great if you have a wall with external views or if you lack an area for extensive upper cabinets. Paired with the wood floor and dark cabinetry, the brick wall used for this single wall unit adds a nice rustic look to the space.
  • Floor-to-ceiling wet bars designed around a custom piece of furniture give an old-world feel to the basement. Done in an ebony or dark walnut wood, this style bar will have you and your guests transported back to Victorian London times.
  • You don’t have to go full bore crazy, but you can make some out of the ordinary choices for a basement wet bar. Your design might include a mosaic accent wall for a bold artistic statement. Or try a laminated counter with a collection of bottlecaps or coasters mounted underneath. Another fun touch? Undercabinet lighting that slowly changes colors. And since we’re talking fun, why not step outside your design comfort zone and forgo traditional subway tile in favor of something bolder, like a metallic tile?
  • If it’s good enough for the sports bars, it’s good enough for your basement bar. Install a wall-mounted HDTV and add a killer sound system. It’s perfect for watching sporting events, awards shows, and movies, or just playing some nice background music.
  • Want to mimic an Irish pub? Install booth-style seating next to a small fireplace.

Some other features you might want to consider include a coffee maker, an icemaker, or a double sink where one can fill in as an oversized ice bucket. Pull-down spray faucets like this one from Delta make cleaning stemware a breeze.

wet bar ideas st. louis

And though St. Louis is known for its good-quality tap water, some clients put in a separate tap for filtered water.

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Any kind of quirky or unique feature that you can tastefully incorporate into your wet bar will go a long way in creating a bright, inviting space. Whether you go with the sit-down version or the walk-up bar, we’ll help you design a wet bar that becomes the go-to spot for friends and family to watch the games and raise a glass or two.

Want some more creative wet bar ideas? Talk to one of our designers today. We’d love to help you get started on creating what’s sure to become the neighborhood’s favorite hangout!

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