Wallpapering Tips for Your St. Louis Home


wallpapering_tips_t._louis_moWallpaper. No matter what you pick, nothing is everlasting.

You can pick a geometric or oversized pattern that will be on trend for the next five, even ten years, but at some point, it will date itself. Even the most classic styles come and go in terms of popularity. Cartoon florals are still quite popular, but that’s sure to fade as well. Just like colors and fabrics, they all have their moment in the sun.

These days, many of our clients want to use wallpaper as more of an accent as opposed to using it in the whole room. For instance, it could be used in the back of a built-in shelf or a powder room. If you are scared of it, try it out in a smaller space. That way, it’s less of a commitment, and if it goes out of style, it’s easy to change.


Today’s Trends In Wallpaper

Big, geometric shapes and floral patterns are trending these days – but don’t think “old lady” floral, it’s not like that. The colors are bolder and brighter. The patterns are a little more daring. It’s more about big blooms and making a graphic pattern out of that.

There’s a Finnish fabric designer we like called Marimekko that’s a perfect example. They are quite well-known for prints like that – over-simplified flowers, big, chunky geometric designs. It’s bold and very modern. Their designs are instantly recognizable, and it’s definitely something we are seeing in wallpaper these days.

With that approach, it’s usually an accent wall we’re talking about, not the full room. Alternately, it’s a powder room, a wall, a foyer. You can do really cool things with wallpaper in a foyer.

Making Your Rooms Pop: Accents, Textures, Finishes

It’s a great approach to take with a smaller space or a small room; it’s just an accent, an element of fun that underscores the rest of your design and highlights the other textures in the room.

Take the dining room, for instance; if you have wallpaper on one wall, there’s probably not a lot of other stuff in there. You have your table, the chandelier in the center of the room, and then a bit of wallpaper on one wall or above a chair rail. You could even feature it like a piece of art, framing up part of a wall with some nice moldings around a bold design that stands in contrast to the rest of your décor.


Faux wall finishes can also be mimicked with wallpaper. Like the idea of concrete walls? Before you make an expensive design decision you can’t reverse, check out some wallpaper options that can give you the same look on a less permanent basis – and for much less in terms of investment.

An example of a past project of ours where wallpaper was used is Rataj. [insert photos] They had wallpaper in the back of a built-in hutch. We didn’t actually do this, it was there before we came along, but it’s a good example. It was an old house, and they had a built-in cabinet for storing plates and such.

Wallpaper had been applied to the back of the cabinets on the inside. The cabinetry itself had clear glass doors on the front, so the wallpaper pattern was there to highlight the décor rather than be the main feature. It was present, but not prominent, which allowed them to do a lot of other things in the room and still have this splash of texture peeking through. It was subtle enough, but it was definitely something you noticed. Very classy looking.

Is “Timeless” Wallpaper Style Even Possible?

When we are working with you on your interior design, we like to suggest styles that are going to make you happy for as long as possible. Even though there are clear trends in design today, knowing which ones are going to stand the test of time is difficult. What’s “all the rage” this year might not be all that just a couple of years from now.

Keep in mind that wallpaper can be changed easily enough, so do something fun and change it up when you need to. That’s the cool thing about it; with wallpaper, there really is no end to the design choices you have so it’s easy to find inspiration.

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