Porch Décor for Your St. Louis Home


mcdermott remodeling front porch decorYou’ve heard it a million times, “don’t judge a book by its cover!” But sometimes, the cover is all you see. This is especially the case with homes. When you’re passing through a neighborhood and only get a moment’s glance, the exterior is what you have to work with. 


Your Porch is a Versatile Living Space

On top of being aesthetically appealing to your neighbors and passersby, your front porch can also be a relaxing haven for you and your family. After all, with summer heating up, there’s no better time to be outdoors in the shade of your front porch. 

Here’s how to pretty up your porch for the warm season and beyond. 

Porch Seating

mcdermott remodeling front porch decor

Every front porch needs comfy seating. Whether it’s just you and your spouse having a coffee or hosting your best friends for wine, there should be plenty of seating to go around. 

Outdoor chairs and loveseats are great for singles and couples. A padded bench is perfect for seating many and can be more space-efficient for larger households. 

Furniture Groupings

mcdermott remodeling front porch decor

The idea is to create a little sitting area like the one you have inside your home. Make sure you have somewhere to sit, and at least one table surface to set down drinks, books, and other items. One idea is to have a central rectangular table with a chair on the far end, and a bench on the long side. That way, you can still have a conversation without feeling closed in or having to turn your back to the street. 

Lighting Sets the Stage

mcdermott remodeling front porch decor

Don’t forget about the lights! Even if you already have functional illumination like soffit pot lights, it never hurts to add accent lighting for a bit of flair. 

Strings of fairy lights can lend a touch of whimsy, while patio candle lanterns will give off a soft, dusky glow. For an affordable DIY alternative, place a candle with a broad base in a metal pail filled with stones. 


mcdermott remodeling front porch decor

If you need a little extra privacy for your porch, there are many ways to get the look without closing yourself off to the world. 

A wooden trellis is perfect if you want to encourage plant growth. Not only will it offer you the privacy you’re looking for, but you also get the added benefit of shade and the beauty of natural flora. Plus, you can trim it back or keep it as dense as you like, depending on your preference. 

If plants seem a little high-maintenance, try decorative screen panels. They come in tons of different shapes, sizes, styles, and patterns. You’re sure to get a lovely shadow through the screen as the sun sets, and it’s super low-maintenance. 

For more versatility, try a paneled folding screen. Something in bamboo, a woven fabric, or composite material is opaque enough to offer privacy and light enough that anyone can use it. You can put it wherever you need it, and it’s easy to stow away when you don’t. 


mcdermott remodeling front porch decor

Aside from the possibility of flora on a trellis, a front porch comes alive decked out in plant life. Whether it’s potted flowers, hanging baskets, decorative shrubbery, or tiny succulents, your porch will be bursting with life. 

You can even have plants that have a functional purpose, like a little herb garden in a window box, or tomatoes growing in a large pot. 


mcdermott remodeling front porch decor

Don’t be afraid to introduce a little fun and color into your front porch outdoor living space! Décor is a great way to express your creativity and mesh your indoor and outdoor style aesthetic. 

Throw pillows are comfortable, stylish, and easy to clean, giving you an easy pop of color in any season. Don’t forget a few blankets for those cooler evenings. 

Crafty wall art and secondhand store finds can add breezy charm to your porch, but don’t put out anything that would upset you if it were damaged or lost. 

Last but not least, give your front door a bit of love. Maybe it’s a coat of paint in a bright color, a new door knocker with a matching handle, interesting house numbers, or a unique mailbox. 

Whatever your front porch vision might be, you need your space to work for you. If you’re looking for inspiration, the design team at J.T. McDermott Remodeling can help you achieve the porch oasis you’ve always wanted. Impress your neighbors and enjoy the great outdoors – you might not ever want to come inside! Reach out today to find out how we can help. 

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