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types of home remodeling projects st louisAs a full-service design-build remodeling contractor, J.T. McDermott has to be flexible and responsive when a client asks us to renovate their home. The scope of the project depends on the wishes of the homeowner. From complete kitchen and bathroom remodels, finishing out basements, to adding extra rooms, there are few types of home remodeling projects we haven’t been involved in over the past 20-plus years. We’ve even converted a small bedroom closet into a bathroom through some very creative design.

Just as no two homes are alike, each remodeling project is different. True, they share commonalities such as replacing cabinets, countertops, sinks, etc. The variables, however, are myriad when taking into account the preferences of homeowners, budget constraints, individual tastes, and the structural integrity of the home itself.

At J.T. McDermott, we take great pride in the process we have refined from the start to finish of a remodeling project of any type. It is the twists and curves along the way that makes one unique.

These days and in the Greater St. Louis region, we find the typical home looking to remodel as couples in their 50s. Many have successfully raised their children and are what is known as empty nesters. For many years they sacrificed reinvesting in their homes for the sake of spending money on their kids. Now, they can make the changes they have long desired.

The two main rooms targeted for remodeling are the kitchen and bath. Often times we are assigned to renovating both of them. Other times the remodeling project is one or the other. In many cases, the homeowner simply wants a fresh look. The surfaces, fixtures, and cabinets are worn and dated. Another common request is to reconfigure the layout of a given an area by removing a wall to open up the house or rearranging the kitchen for a more efficient flow.

types of home remodeling projects st louis

When it comes to bathrooms, many homeowners are forward thinking and understand that their physical needs have or will change. There we incorporate universal design that makes the space more accessible to those with physical limitations while using materials that maintain the modern and fresh look the homeowner desires.

On the flipside of the empty nester is the growing family. As a young couple, the owners may have purchased a house in subdivision that included an unfinished basement. As their children become older and more active, it became time to give them the space they needed in a comfortable setting. Of course, mom and dad are not forgotten as many times when we are finishing out basements we are asked to include wet bars and even workout rooms.

types of home remodeling projects st louis

Sunrooms and/or decks are another popular demand in the St. Louis region and for good reason. Summers here can be hot and humid while winters bitter cold. Still, people yearn for a connection with nature even if it is through a panoramic window in a climate controlled environment.

While summers and winters pose extremes when it comes to weather, spring and fall in these parts can be blissful. Having a deck is an ideal setting for enjoying those wonderful evenings or late afternoons.

A visit to our photo galleries will show the scope of the type of remodeling projects J.T. McDermott has taken on in the past. With our experienced team of interior designers, estimators, and craftsmen, we rarely find a job that is too challenging.

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