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jt mcdermott st. louisOne of the many advantages of using a design-build remodeling contractor is the peace of mind you’ll have in knowing that if something is not right it will be fixed. At J.T. McDermott Remodeling Contractors, we warranty the work we perform and the products we use. You should be wary of contractors who don’t do the same thing because any problems or defects that are discovered after the he has been paid are now yours to correct.

For example, we recently installed a farmhouse sink (a very popular feature this day) during a kitchen remodel. Weeks after we had packed up after completing all of the work, the homeowners noticed what they thought was a scratch on the sink’s bottom. During the post construction walk through we inspected it more closely and found it was actually a hairline fracture and that less noticeable fissures were also detected. We immediately contacted the supplier and within days a new sink was installed at no extra cost to the homeowners. That is the type of assurance you should expect from a contractor.

In an effort to save money some homeowners like to be involved with various aspects of the work. Demolition is one area, but some want to order their own cabinets or use a particular subcontractor. Indeed, there are cost savings to this approach, but there are also risks and some can come with a high price tag to the homeowner.

J.T. McDermott – What We Do Differently

At JT McDermott, we use two trusted makers of quality cabinetry: Medallion and Wellborn. They provide the quality our customers expect and are priced reasonably. If, for example, a homeowner chooses to purchase cabinets on their own and those cabinets do arrive sized improperly, scratched or come with missing parts, the onus is on the homeowner to work with the company from which the cabinets were purchased to make it right.

It is not something we would recommend, but we have seen it happen and the ripple effect it has on a remodeling project is enormous as it can put a halt to the project whiling the homeowner negotiates with the source of cabinets for replacement. In the rare occasion, there are problems with cabinets that we order occur, we own the problem immediately and, because of our close relationship with the manufacturer, expedite their replacement.

The same goes for subcontractors. In the more than 20 years in business, JT McDermott has identified proven and trusted subcontractors. We know the quality of the work they do and they know our process. If there is problem we work directly with them to correct the issue. If a homeowner has a friend or relative who is a licensed electrician, for example, and something goes awry, that homeowner is responsible for dealing with it.

Inevitably, problems will arise during a remodeling project.  With materials coming from multiple sources, multiple subcontractors, back orders and other unforeseen issues, it is bound to happen. We try to minimize them through process we have refined over 20 years and through working consistently with certain suppliers and vendors.

But when something is not right and it is our responsibility we correct immediately. That is our guarantee and one that you should get from any St. Louis contractor with whom you choose to do business. It is also a good question to ask about to any referrals as you search for the right contractor.

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