Desk Space Ideas for Your St. Louis Home


mcdermott remodeling desk space ideasIf you’re like 40 percent of the American workforce, you’re probably working from home quite a lot these days. For productivity’s sake, it’s the perfect time to optimize your desk area and workspace. Your home office should be a place of peace, organization, and focus. 


The Right Desk Space Makes All The Difference

Having the right work setup—including the right desk—empowers you to do your best work. But if you’re struggling to decide what exactly the “right desk” is for you, we can help. There are plenty of options, but not to worry. We’ve narrowed it down to the most popular styles on the market, and we’ve thrown in some of our favorites, just because. 

Let’s get to work!mcdermott remodeling desk space ideas

Floating Desk

A floating desk is both modern and stylish. Attached directly to the wall, the floating desk lacks support from below, so it appears to be suspended in midair. This gorgeous, sleek desk from Allmodern features a slick surface and three spacious cubbies, two of which can be concealed with dropdown covers. The floating style is popular right now, and understandably so. Its self-supporting structure looks sleek and minimal, and it’s super easy to clean around.


mcdermott remodeling desk space ideas

If you need a significant spread for all your work, consider investing in a wraparound counter-style desk. The wraparound counter desk can float or be supported by legs, but either way, it’s an excellent solution if you need the extra room. If you have a two-screen setup, you can use one leg of the counter for computer work and the other for manual paperwork and organizational tasks. The wraparound desk makes it easy to do two things at once, without sacrificing desk space.

Cozy Corner

mcdermott remodeling desk space ideas

If you haven’t got much extra space for a home office, why not turn an unused corner of one of your rooms into a dedicated desk? A cubby desk simply needs a tiny wall-mounted surface unit and a few shelves overhead. Finish it off with a backless rolling stool that you can tuck under your tabletop when you’re finished working – just like that, you’ve got an instant office!

Sleek and Chic

mcdermott remodeling desk space ideas

If you’re a no-frills kind of person, a minimal desk is sure to suit your style. This Article solid oak desk is all Scandi style – minimal, strong, sturdy, unique, and beautifully crafted. But don’t be fooled by its simple design! It actually houses a hidden cable management cabinet, so you don’t have to worry about unsightly cables snaking every which way. It’s tall enough that you can also store a filing cabinet or shelving unit underneath as well.

The Murphy Deskmcdermott remodeling desk space ideas

You’ve heard of the Murphy bed? Get ready for the Murphy desk! This neat and innovative little unit can be a simple DIY project if you’re handy. You’ll need a solid surface, brackets, hinges, and some sturdy chain. Alternatively, you could give your Murphy desk some support from below instead of suspending the desktop. Check out any of these examples for inspiration. Depending on your preferred height, you can work standing up or sitting down. We hear that working standing up is very good for the back. Fold it back up when you’re done, and you have a simple, stylish solution for your workplace woes.

Industry Insider

mcdermott remodeling desk space ideas

If you want a desk with a lot of character, industrial style may be the way to go. This lovely specimen from Dunk & Bright is made of dark, classic wood, with an industrial metal touch that brings a touch of edge to your space. It’s spacious drawers and tabletop makes it ideal for the at-home worker with lots of paperwork. Get industrious with an industrial desk!

Ladder to Success

mcdermott remodeling desk space ideasIf you’re looking for something a little different, you might enjoy the streamlined ladder shelf desk, like this elegant and compact model from West Elm. This desk’s simple aesthetic and angled design make it perfect for small spaces. It’s eclectic enough to satisfy buyers with unique tastes but classic enough to suit any home décor. Keep your paperwork and materials off the ground, but still close enough to access while sitting. This stylish little number has it all! 

For the best styles, sizes, and shapes for your home office, J.T. McDermott can help you find the perfect fit. Let us order, install, or design a custom home office for you. When we do our best work, you can do your best work. Connect with us today, and let’s talk about it!

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