Bring Your St. Louis Kitchen Designs to Life with Pinterest


using pinterest to create your kitchen design moodboardAh yes, Pinterest: the artistic haven of creative minds everywhere. If, for some reason, you’re still unfamiliar with the online cultural behemoth that is Pinterest, let’s take a deeper dive. 



What is Pinterest? 

Pinterest is a free web app. It’s an online board where you can scroll through and discover images of ideas, projects, and techniques for whatever topic interests you in the moment. You can create folders (boards) and “pin” images you find on the web to create mood boards for projects, or just for fun. 

With all these images available at the click of a button, why not take advantage of it to help plan your remodel? 

Pinterest can be a massive help when you’re getting ready to remodel your kitchen. Once you’re done, you will have a great idea of the kinds of looks you like and what kind of atmosphere you want to create. Best of all – it’s something you can share with us so we can understand your vision.

User-Friendly Interface 

Maybe you have kitchen dreams but aren’t sure how to visualize all the ideas that are swimming around in your head. Not to worry, Pinterest is the perfect place to bring them all together. This app has all of the options with none of the commitment. The only downside is that you might have too many favorites to narrow down to just one final design. 

Start by making a Pinterest account – it’s easy, and it’s free. Once you’ve done that, you can start pinning and saving your favorite images and ideas. Keep your boards simple and focused. For example, try making a board for “Granite Countertops” or “Stainless Steel Appliances.” 

using pinterest to create your kitchen design moodboard

Once you’ve created your boards, you can search and scroll through other people’s pins. When you find something you like, hover your cursor over the image you want to pin. The save button pops up, and you can then attach the image to whichever board you choose. Fair warning though – it’s a bit of a rabbit hole, so be prepared. 

Pinterest for Kitchen Remodels 

Pinterest is great for kitchen renovation ideas because you can take several potential designs and give them their own board. Once you have a concrete plan in mind, try picking and choosing your favorites from your item boards to make an “Ultimate Kitchen Design” board with your final selections.

What makes Pinterest even better is that it has everything you need to help you through the renovation process. Grab everything from DIY tips and tricks to exact photos of what you want in your kitchen. 

Pinterest has it all: 

  • Flooring
  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Backsplash
  • Hardware
  • Light Fixtures
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Storage Units
  • Paint swatches/Color Palettes
  • Decorative Items
  • Paint Colors

using pinterest to create your kitchen design moodboard

And lots of things you probably haven’t even thought of! 

Images on Pinterest often come with direct links to where you can buy the items, making it super easy to get the exact look you’ve been dreaming about. 

Need More? Find an Influencer 

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, why not follow your favorite content creators? This is a good way to get excited about interior design and can help you realize the cohesive identity of the look you’re after. These popular creators might be industry professionals who design for a living, or they could just be dedicated users who have a knack for interior design.

There are tons of accounts dedicated explicitly to remodeling and interior design, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. But these accounts can do more than just offer style suggestions to spark your creativity. They can also provide you with design solutions, renovation tips, and DIY projects that will make your kitchen shine.

Whether you’re after a clean and minimal contemporary kitchen, a charming rustic farmhouse-inspired look, or a sleek mid-century modern space, there’s something for everyone on Pinterest. Plus, the app’s visual component helps you organize both your thoughts and your new space before you ever get a contractor involved in the process. 

Pinterest is totally intuitive, and more than a little addictive. If you’re experiencing it for the first time, you might even find yourself a bit obsessed with Pinterest, long after your kitchen renovation is over. 

Once you’ve nailed down your ideas, bring your kitchen design boards to the design-build professionals at McDermott. With more than 25 years of experience in St. Louis and hundreds of satisfied clients, we know how to make your kitchen vision a reality. Reach out today, and let’s get started! 

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