Accessorizing Your St. Louis Kitchen and Bath for the Perfect Finishing Touch


accessorizing your kitchenSpring is here, and with it comes the innate compulsion we all have to clear away the detritus of the long dreary winter months. When a complete remodel isn’t in the cards, a refresh can be accomplished easily with some great accessories and finishing touches, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

Conversely, if you are getting ready to sell your home, accessorizing is a final critical component of staging that can change the tone of the whole house. Small, well-placed details can evoke a harmonious emotional response.

Accessorizing The Kitchen And Bath For A Whole New Look

Accessories for the kitchen and bathroom should include items you would typically use in one of those rooms.

Towels, canisters, and pretty containers transform the bathroom, taking clutter off of surfaces and combining beauty with practicality.

In the kitchen, plates, mugs, pitchers, and spice containers can do double duty, punctuating the overall look while facilitating your daily routine. Your everyday items then become your accessories, and nothing is in there just for fluff. They look great, and they serve a function.

accessorizing your kitchen

How To Prevent Accessory Overload In The Bath

Most people have Q-Tips, cotton balls, and other hygiene items, but it doesn’t necessarily have to stay in the cardboard package or plastic bag it came in. Choose a pretty basket or container to store them in, and they become an accessory as opposed to an eyesore.

For The Kitchen

Accessorizing your kitchen doesn’t have to be about random tchotchkes that have no real purpose. Think of the things you use every day – your plates, your mugs, pitchers, serving dishes, and so on. If these items are placed on open shelves or behind glass doors, they become your accessories.

Wooden or stone carving boards, serving boards, and cheese boards are very on-trend right now, and they’re pretty too. Think about the things you already have in those places and display them instead of stowing them away.

accessorizing your kitchen

Is it like a big no-no to accessorize with non-functional items?

In terms of non-functional or purely decorative accessories in the kitchen or bathroom, it’s not necessarily a no-no as it really depends on your personal tastes and style.

However, if you are working with a challenging room where counter space is at a premium, you might not have a lot of available space to work with. If this is you, try to keep your accessories as functional as possible.

Some may still want to put decorative items on top of cabinets, but this is not as common a design trend as it used to be. These days, a clean, minimalist, and functional approach have broader appeal. Again, however, it depends on you.

Accessorize With Things That Make You Happy

There isn’t a hard-and-fast rule of accessorizing. Ultimately, these are the finishing touches that are meant to make you happy. If it’s a particular picture, a plant, a candle, or something like that doesn’t necessarily serve a function in that space—except the fact that you like looking at it every day—just remember, it’s your space, it’s your room, it’s your world. If it makes you happy, if it brings you joy, then, by all means, put it there.

accessorizing your kitchen

Project Focus: Holly Hills

Holly Hills was a kitchen remodeling project that we took on not too long ago.

There were some open shelves in the kitchen and the owner accessorized with a beautiful colander and some brightly-colored dish towels. They were useful things, and relevant to the functionality of the kitchen, but they weren’t necessarily things that she used all the time. She placed these items on the open shelves, and they looked great. They matched her style perfectly.

accessorizing your kitchen

For instance, she had a big round dish that says “Gather,” and it was placed on the top shelf, where it became a focal point of the room. She will probably never take that plate down and use it, but it looks like she could. Plus, she likes looking at it. It makes her happy, so mission accomplished!

Another accessory feature in the Holly Hills kitchen was a tri-colored glass bottle set that was placed on the shelf as well. It added a pop of bright colors in orange, yellow, and a shade of blue that stood in contrast to the other blue features in the room. These items are not necessarily there to be used, but they fit in as if they are precisely where they are meant to be.

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