Ways to Add Glamour to Your St. Louis Bedroom


ways to add glamour to your bedroomYour bedroom. It’s where you recharge. It’s where you dream. Arguably, it is the one room in the house that should cater 100 percent to your comfort and happiness. With this in mind, adding a little glamor into the mix is never a bad idea. The good news is, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune and in many cases, it can be accomplished pretty quickly.

A few little details can easily make your bedroom look and feel luxurious, plush, and fit for royalty.

Using Lighting To Set An Opulent Tone

When you’re thinking about glamming up the bedroom, lighting is the first thing you should look at. You can get creative with bedroom lighting because you likely don’t do a lot in there that requires bright task lights, so having bright overhead lighting isn’t as important.

That said, a beautiful fixture or chandelier contributes a lot to the overall look of the room. Choosing glass, crystal, or fixtures with unusual shapes can really add a punch of glamor without having to rethink everything in the room.

These days, most people don’t put on makeup or even get dressed in their bedroom, so you can use softer lamp lighting and dimmers to soften things up. The room itself will feel richer when there is more of a focus on ambient lighting.

The softer the cast of the lighting, in general, the more intimate the room is going to feel.

ways to add glamour to your bedroom

Using Color And Texture To Add Glamor To The Bedroom

The colors you choose can play a big part in adding glamor and, depending on what you choose, the result can be very dramatic. You don’t have to hang on to the “plain and neutral” palette, you can play it up with rich colors, or even patterned wallpaper –  something that will make it more visually appealing, even though it’s really only you and your dearest that are going to see it.

Adding a little color will give the room a more refined, designer look, and will help to show off your décor.

Textures can add a luxe feel as well. For instance, rich fabrics and contrasting textures on your bed and window treatments can really pop when layered up; for example, on your windows, you could have a roman shade or a blind with curtains or drapes layered over the top. This approach adds dimension and depth, making the whole room feel richer.

Contrasting patterns can also add a bit of drama – on the windows, on the bed, and even on the floor. You can mix different patterns as long as they share some common colors and vary in size and scale; for instance, you might place smaller prints against larger patterns to lend a dimensional quality.

ways to add glamour to your bedroom

Color Choices For A Luxury Look

Tastes in color vary considerably from person to person, so what you choose depends on what your personal idea of glamor is. For some, it might be a more metallic color with silver or champagne hues. For others, glamor might mean darker jewel tones, like rich purples or deep red. Luxury hotels often use darker grey tones to highlight and contrast. Either way, before you dive in, we always suggest that you think about what glamor means to you.

In general, though, a more glamorous look can be achieved by staying away from a neutral or bleached-out or pastel-shade palette. The colors should be more saturated, and sometimes just choosing deeper tones of the colors you like will help you accomplish your goal.

For instance, if you like blue and green, you could swing it more towards a navy or royal blue, or a deeper, more forest-like green as opposed to a spa kind of green.

ways to add glamour to your bedroom

Headboards As A Feature Piece

Adding a headboard is an easy and inexpensive way to add glamor to your bedroom. Your choice of headboard can change the entire tone of a room as it can add contrasting color, texture, shape, and even height.

A Multitude Of Pillows

Nothing says decadence more than an embarrassment of pillows on your bed. Choose pillows in a range of sizes, like larger king-size pillows, European pillows, standard pillows, and a couple of throw pillows. Faux fur, high-end fabrics, and pillow shams in contrasting colors give the bed a layered look that you’ll want to sink right into!

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