A Jack and Jill Bathroom Design Layout for Your St. Louis Home


jack and jill bathroom design layoutA Jack and Jill bathroom is a shared space, generally with at least two openings, usually one on each side of the room leading to two different bedrooms. Some designs feature one door to the bedroom and one to the hallway, but often, it lies between two bedrooms and exists in addition to a hall bathroom.

One of the main benefits of Jack and Jill bathroom design is that it is space saving. For families or shared living situations, a Jack and Jill bathroom is a real plus because it frees up a lot of square footage in your home, space that can then be reallocated to closet space – or whatever you like.

A Jack and Jill bathroom also maximizes space in moderately-sized homes as it eliminates the need for a second bathroom. This means that you will save money on your remodel as well as saving on your water and energy bills down the line. Your shared bathroom will deliver double the functionality, but you’ll only be installing one set of tile, fixtures, and plumbing – and let’s not overlook the fact that there will be just one bathroom to clean instead of two.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Design Features

Jack and Jill bathroom design typically features double vanities, plus one toilet and shower/tub that is shared but separated from the sink area. This gives two people a fair bit of autonomy and privacy without having to have a stand-alone bathroom for each.

Quite often, the toilet, tub, and shower will be in a separate area altogether, almost like a completely different room, offering a little more privacy.

jack and jill bathroom design layout

Tips for Jack and Jill Bathrooms

If you have a Jack and Jill bathroom between your kids’ rooms, congratulations! You’ve just managed to avoid a lot of before-school arguments while still offering them personal privacy and equality.

Be sure to teach your kids and show your guests how to use the locks on the Jack and Jill bathroom doors, to lock both doors for private activities and unlock them afterward to ensure that the person in the other room still has bathroom access. Bonus: A Jack and Jill bathroom may even help your kids develop their negotiation skills as well as teaching them how to share and compromise.

Double Your Design

The fact that you will have two people sharing the space should inform every design decision you make. You will have two sets of stuff to accommodate; double the towels, double the toiletries, double the appliances. Because of this, most Jack and Jill designs feature double vanities, two mirrors, two towel bars, and two separate storage areas.

Take these needs into consideration prior to finalizing your design as you will need double vanities and double the storage to be sure each person has their own designated space.

jack and jill bathroom design layout
Your guests will love having their own mirror and sink and being able to share the space for non-private tasks like brushing teeth hair might just help them get ready faster.

Maintaining Privacy

To maintain privacy, all access doors should be lockable, and those locks should be lockable from both sides. Your kids or your guests will have to develop the habit of locking when they go into the bathroom and unlocking when finished.

Other practical alternatives to having door locks could be frosted glass doors or transoms, which would alert others that the room was in use; or perhaps an indicator light that could be switched on to indicate occupancy.

One design solution that addresses the privacy and locking issue is to have the toilet and shower in an area of its own that can be secured. The double vanities are then open to access, and there is only one door to the toilet, meaning nobody ever gets locked out.

jack and jill bathroom design layout
A Jack and Jill bathroom should have separate sinks and vanities to give your kids space for their own stuff and generally help them stay more organized and out of each other’s way.

Plan Ahead

Designing a Jack and Jill bathroom is not always a simple task. Since the bathroom will be quite permanent, we strongly recommend that you hire a professional planner and designer to create one for you. Sure, working with a designer may be a bit costlier but, in the end, it’s going to save you a lot of hassle and headache.

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