Refreshing Your St. Louis Home on a Budget


Ready for a change? Spring is in the air, and many homeowners are itching to shake things up. Maybe you’re looking for new inspiration and a way to express yourself creatively. Maybe your tastes are changing with the times. Or perhaps you’re just getting tired of looking at the same old decor day after day. Whatever your reasoning, a change is gonna come!

So today, let’s talk about how you can spritz up your interior décor without breaking the bank.

Easy Come, Easy Go

Consider this first suggestion as more of a proactive measure. A good renovation should last you for years to come, so plan ahead to avoid disappointment in a few years’ time.

The cornerstone to creating interior design with maximum staying power is not to choose anything that’s too trendy. Yes, it seems a bit counterintuitive. Everyone wants in on the latest trends, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Trends are great because they embody the essence of an era. But if you choose something that is uber-trendy at the moment, chances are it will soon become dated. Think wood paneling reminiscent of the 70s, or shabby chic, now a relic of the early 2010s.

Refreshing your home on a budget

That’s not to say you should avoid trends altogether. In fact, we love a good trend now and again. The trick is to choose your trend carefully and then pair it with a classic palette to avoid it becoming dated. Try to avoid grouping several faddish elements together in a single space. Think of it like this: one trend past its best-before date is vintage, but a cluster of them is just outdated.

But even if you do fall into trend traps, you can still turn it around once you’re tired of it! To circle back to our previous examples, there are many ways to adapt wood paneling for the modern-day, and shabby chic can actually be pretty cool if you apply it judiciously.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time for some tips on how to redesign on a dime!

Give Your Hardware New Life

Refreshing your home on a budgetEven though your home hardware may seem like a small detail, you might be surprised at just how much of a difference new fixtures can make. If you’re working with a classic backdrop, changing the cabinet hardware, doorknobs, light fixtures, and faucets can have a surprising impact on the look and feel of your space. The nice thing about this trick is that you can pick and choose which pieces you want to replace. Simply swapping your cabinet knobs is much more budget-friendly than buying a brand new chandelier, but either can make a dramatic difference.

Make a Statement

Refreshing your home on a budgetMany owners think of a ‘statement piece’ as a beautiful piece of furniture or a unique work of art, but you can easily make a cost-effective statement with an accent wall. The best part about an accent wall is that it’s so easy to change. Of course, the simplest solution here is to buy a can of paint in your color of choice, choose a wall, and get to work. For something different, why not try wallpaper? But traditional wallpaper can be a bit of a hassle, and what if you change your mind and want a different style? No problem: the answer is removable wallpaper – just peel and stick. But if papering an entire wall is stretching your budget thin, try this hack: the framed wallpaper panel.

Soft Touch

Why not swap out your soft furnishings for something different? Changing your blankets, throw pillows, rugs, and window treatments can change the whole landscape of your room. These textiles are excellent sources of color and texture, so if you’re ready for a new color palette, here’s a prime opportunity to mix things up. Fortunately, it’s easy to find inexpensive soft furnishings at IKEA and Bed, Bath & Beyond. If you’re more of the eco-conscious type and don’t want to buy new home goods when there are perfectly serviceable ones at home, why not do it yourself? It couldn’t be easier to sew your own throw pillow cover.

Refreshing your home on a budget

It’s not hard to breathe new life into your home’s interior decor! All you need is a little ingenuity, an eye for good sales, and maybe a touch of craftiness. Have any of these tips inspired you to do something different? Let us know! At J.T. McDermott, we love sharing in your passion for creation—almost as much as we love doing it ourselves. Reach out today.



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