The Art of Zen: Bringing Feng Shui into Your Bathroom


What comes to mind when you think of feng shui? Maybe it’s beige walls, a gently-trickling water feature, or a cross-legged yogi intoning a gentle “om.”

In truth, feng shui is an ancient interior design practice with roots in Chinese astronomy. Though it has certain mystical elements, there’s nothing frivolous about it when it comes to interior design. It’s about directing the flow of energy in your home. Whether you ascribe to the more esoteric aspects of design or not, one thing is for sure – it works!

So, let’s look at how you can get some feng shui in your bathroom. Hint – it’s easier than you think!

The Art of Feng Shui

At its core, feng shui is about encouraging vitality of mind, body, and spirit, and it’s about much more than just home aesthetics.

The central idea is to nurture personal growth and healthy relationships through elemental harmony. It’s about creating an atmosphere that enables the movement of positive energy. To translate that into interior design, it means optimizing your space for the flow of good energy, or ‘Xi’ (pronounced like ‘chi’).

In feng shui, there are five key elements to the art of placement:

  • Wood for growth and regeneration
  • Earth for grounding and balance
  • Water for serenity and clarity
  • Fire for passion and transformation
  • Metal for intelligence and acuity

When appropriately combined, these elements can do wonders for your home’s aesthetic and mental and physical wellbeing.

The Trinity of Xi

In your home, there are few spaces more intimate than your bathroom, and there’s no question that it is closely tied to your health and wellbeing. Why not give it a treatment that will help set your mind and body at ease?

The Map to Inner Peace

One of the tenets of feng shui for your home is the Bagua energy map. The Bagua map helps analyze the energy of a room and makes recommendations on how to enhance its flow accordingly.

The Bagua map’s traditional Chinese iteration is based on a compass’s directions, which might be challenging for feng shui newcomers. Fortunately, the Westernized Bagua map consists simply of a nine-grid square. Each quadrant represents an element and an attribute that will help when decorating your space.

But if you don’t want to fully feng shui your home, and you find Chinese philosophy a bit inaccessible, know that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Here are a few bathroom decor tips and tricks that draw inspiration from feng shui without rethinking your whole house.

Keep the Clutter at Bay

Is your mind at peace when you enter a crowded, cluttered bathroom? If the thought puts you on edge, feng shui can help. Of course, maintaining neat and orderly spaces is also a fundamental principle of housekeeping, but feng shui dictates that a messy vanity can contribute to negative vibes. Best to keep your bathroom tidy for a truly Zen experience.

Use storage solutions to keep your clutter under control. Purge unnecessary items, and organize and file away what’s left. Just because you need it doesn’t mean it has to lie around making your countertop look unsightly. Wicker and woven baskets are great for storing your items. Floating shelves or vertical shelving units will help you utilize every square inch of space. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Feng Shui Palette

To emphasize good energy in the bathroom, choose light colors. White is bright, airy, and peaceful, perfect for when you step out of the shower feeling refreshed. Light neutrals and warm pinky-beiges are also excellent choices for your walls.

The metal element favors white tones, while the warm-hued neutrals reflect the earth element. So even if you’re not going for the full Bagua-style flow, you’re still incorporating aspects of feng shui through your color choices!

Avoid dark hues like black or blue tones. These are representative of the water element, and your bathroom already features a significant water presence. Remember, it’s all about maintaining that balance.

Finishing Touches

For the piece de resistance, accent your bathroom with simple but luxurious elements. These may be candles, plants, plush towels, and small decorative items like sculptures or vases. There’s nothing quite like beautiful décor to ease the mind.

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