You Can’t Scroll Past These 9 Kitchen Blinds and Curtains


Window coverings are one of the most challenging design elements to choose for your home. Not only do you have the option between blinds and curtains, but there are so many styles, materials, lengths, features, and uses for each that it can quickly feel overwhelming to choose the right one for your kitchen windows. To help you narrow down the search, we’re going to cover some of our favorites in each category and give examples of some of the most popular styles. 

Aesthetic and Useful Kitchen Blinds

If you’re looking for a window covering that doesn’t take up room in the space, then blinds might be the ideal option for you. They are simple, easy to use, and keep the area looking minimal and clean. Blinds come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials. Here are a few of our favorites.

Cordless Woven Bamboo Blinds

At just a little over 18 dollars, you can have a stunning woven bamboo blind made to fit your specific window size. These blinds by SelectBlinds come in 17 colors and could suit almost any style. Although they don’t keep all the light out, they have light filtering qualities and will make you feel safe and unseen through your windows.

Read Wood Blinds

These blinds by are natural two-inch wooden planks lined up to create an elegant look. They come in 32 colors options and will suit almost any design style you’re trying to achieve. However, these are much pricier than the previous bamboo options. At a little over 52 dollars, these blinds might take up a considerable chunk of your kitchen budget. 

Cotton Cordless Roman Blinds

Wood blinds are great, but if you’d like to have a more farmhouse or cottage style to your kitchen, you should take a look at these lovely riviera striped linen/cotton roman shades by Pottery Barn. This company is known for its on-trend items, and these blinds are no different. The stripes running down the middle come in four colors: charcoal, navy, porcelain blue, and sandalwood. Just be aware that these are pricy!

Blackout Roller Blinds

Sometimes you need blinds that will block out your neighbor’s wondering eyes as well as the sun. These blackout blinds by Lauren Taylor roll up and down and provide complete coverage to the window so that no light gets through. They also have a light filtering setting, so you can block out curious neighbors while still letting in some sunshine.

Vintage Natural Scenery Roller Blind

Maker DecorativeDesign on Etsy makes these custom-sized roller blinds with vintage natural scenery on them. These blinds would be perfect for a vintage-style kitchen that needs a bit of pattern added to it. The maker will cut them to size to fit your specific window needs and send them your way. They also have multiple mount options depending on your preference as well.

Ornate and Whimsical Kitchen Curtains

Curtains are not for everyone, but they certainly bring a bit of flair and whimsy to whatever room they are in. Don’t think that curtains all have to look like your grandmother’s; while those are still available; there are also more modern styles that might surprise you!

Sheer Linen Curtains

If you’re more into a minimalistic design and need a curtain that will blend into your design, then these sheer linen curtains by The Company Store might be perfect for you. They come in five size options and 11 colors. Their thin fabric will still let light through while adding a bit of privacy and style to your home.

Achim Buffalo Check Curtain

Little House on the Prairie was a popular book and TV series, and these checkered curtains are sure to bring those vibes right into your home. If you have a more farmhouse or cottage style in your kitchen, then you might love these as an option for your windows. They come in six color options: black, burgundy, gray, navy, sage, and taupe. You can find them at Walmart and bring these adorable curtains into your home for about 17 dollars. 

Bohemian Geometric Curtain

The bold people who don’t want curtains that fade into the background and want to make a statement with their curtains, these bohemian geometric curtains from seller DuvetCoverDE on Etsy might be the perfect solution for you. The seller offers six size options and even includes a rod with two style options. So if this pattern isn’t in your style, look around at the seller’s store to find more options!

White Lace Old World Curtain

Okay, we know we said curtains didn’t have to look like your grandma’s, but sometimes that’s precisely the vibe you’re going for! To bring a vintage or antique style into your home, check out these white lace old-world style curtains for your kitchen windows. They come with a framing top piece and two shorter bottom pieces. They’ll go great with the rest of your antique furnishings and create lovely patterns on the floor when the sun filters through. 

We hope you found a favorite among our kitchen blinds and curtains list. However, even if you didn’t, seeing the options you have helps you narrow down what you do or do not like. If you need further help designing your home, give us a call, and maybe one of our professional designers can help you style your home to your specific tastes.

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