5 Luxurious Features for Your St. Louis MO Beautiful Bathroom Renovation


Our bathrooms are a high-traffic room in our home, and they offer us a place to relax and rejuvenate after long days at work or caring for our kids. When remodeling your bathroom, you might wonder what other features you can add to the spa-like experience. While new granite tops and a beautifully tiled shower can make your bathroom gorgeous, there are some items you might want to add to make using your bathroom more luxurious.

Hammered Copper Pedestal Tub

You might have considered a freestanding tub in your bathroom plans, but maybe up the ante with this hammered copper double slipper pedestal tub. This tub comes in a stylish antique black and would look fabulous in almost any style, especially in a farmhouse aesthetic. These tubs are deep and perfect for soaking your whole body. So find yourself some soaking salt, a bath bomb, a face mask, and some wine for the perfect “me time” evening.

Oversized Square Shower Head

Not everyone likes taking baths, even for relaxation. For those who prefer showers, you can’t miss this oversized square shower head. It’s 24 inches by 24 inches and rains down a gentle spray of water onto your head, shoulders, and back. If you’ve ever thought showering during a rainstorm would be the ultimate form of relaxation, you should purchase this shower speaker, find a thunderstorm playlist, and turn on this rain head. Just warn the household that you’ll be gone for a while and not disturb you!

Volume Control Shower Head

This shower head set includes a large shower head, a handheld adjustable shower head, and two matching control handles. However, what we really love about this set are the three body sprays. These are ideal for those long days when you have a kink in your neck or a knot in your back that you can’t reach. Use these to massage the spot away. They do use up more water, and you might have to add more plumbing lines into your bathroom to accommodate them, but we promise they are worth it!

Electric In-Floor Heating Mat

Winter mornings are chilly even in your heated house. You can make this easier on your feet by installing this electric in-floor heating mat. These types of products can be installed under your bathroom tiles to bring warmth and comfort to your morning routine. Unfortunately, these can be expensive to install, and if you aren’t redoing your floors, you can’t put them under the tiles. In that case, you can find products like this portable electric radiant floor heating pad for under rugs. So while your floor might be cold, at least your rugs can be toasty for your chilly toes.

Hydronic Chrome Heated Towel Warmer

A nice hot shower is a fantastic way to relax tense muscles and your mind after your day of work. Unfortunately, this can be ruined when you reach for your towel, and it’s cold! That’s why this hydronic chrome heated towel warmer is a must in your spa-like bathroom remodel. You can hang your towel as you hop in the shower, and by the time you get out, it’s cozy warm. 

It’s also a great way to dry off towels quickly to reduce that musky smell from your towels. The radiating heat will dry out the towel and keep it smelling fresh and reduce bacteria growth. 

Of course, these luxury items are not cheap. But for those who have some wiggle room in their bathroom remodel project, we think you’ll love these items to boost your enjoyment of your brand new bathroom.

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