5 Ways to Ensure Your St. Louis Kitchen Furniture Design Enhances Your Aesthetic


Aesthetics is a hot topic word that almost everyone throws around to describe a specific look or design they are trying to achieve. But how do we use aesthetics to ensure our home design and kitchen furniture design match up or even enhance our experience with our homes? Before we can dive into the ways you can use this mystical term for your benefit, let’s first define it so we can better understand what it means and how to use it. 

How does Aesthetic Affect Design?

In a way, aesthetics is design. You could argue that these terms could be used interchangeably; however, aesthetics has a deeper and even psychological meaning behind it. The root of aesthetics is within all five of our senses. This includes sights, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. So when you’re thinking about your home’s aesthetics and kitchen furniture design, you’re not only thinking about the wood stain matching the cabinet hardware. It’s also vital to consider how it feels when you pull out the drawer on a china cabinet or the smell of the coffee station. 

To prove how important these aspects of kitchen furniture design are, here is an example. A phenomenon called “the halo effect” basically states people assume good-looking people have other positive traits. So, before they even talk to them, strangers will believe someone is kind or intelligent if they have a nice-looking face. This translates to technology, food, clothing, and, yes, even home design. 

So even if it isn’t the case, more beautiful spaces appear cleaner, more efficient, and better quality than uglier ones. In addition, an aesthetically pleasing kitchen is way more likely to see family events or avid cooks than an ugly one, even if the ugly one functions better. So not only will a more attractive kitchen furniture design look nicer in your home, it will encourage you to be in the space more and not give up on those meal planning goals you have. 

How to Use Aesthetic to Your Advantage

This all might start to sound a bit overwhelming, but rest assured, it isn’t as complicated as it sounds, and there’s more intuition involved than you might think. People get into trouble when they go shopping; they lose sight of the big picture and start picking up things simply because they like them instead of how the piece will fit into the big picture. This is how cluttered and mismatched spaces are created. Without a clear direction, your aesthetic will start to fall apart. 

  1. Before you go shopping for kitchen furniture, take photos of the space so you can reference them while you’re out and about. This will help keep you on track and avoid you losing sight of that bigger picture. That dog painting might be cute, but it doesn’t suit your modern kitchen design. 
  2. Create a folder or Pinterest board of your inspiration photos. This is especially helpful if your aesthetic is still a work in progress and your current space doesn’t quite reflect it just yet. Our homes are constantly evolving and changing, and between those times, the photos of your home might not help but actually hurt. Having inspiration photos can help you achieve that new aesthetic more quickly and effectively. 
  3. One of the most effective ways to stay on track with your aesthetic is to choose a color pallet and never stray from it. Color not only affects us visually but emotionally as well, and if the colors in your space don’t flow well, your brain will be able to tell. 
  4. Remember that some furniture can be altered, especially if you’re shopping at thrift stores or receiving a gift from a family member. If you’re into DIY, you can transform an old set of bar chairs into trendy pieces that will compliment your aesthetic perfectly. 
  5. Lastly, it’s crucial that you do not rush the process. Finding and gathering, and setting up your ideal kitchen furniture design probably won’t happen all at once. Take your time and have patience. If you try to force a piece to fit or compromise because you couldn’t find just the right one at the store, you’ll likely regret the purchase and end up hating it or spending even more money just getting what you really wanted. 


Popular Kitchen Furniture to Consider

Sometimes it can be hard to know what types of kitchen furniture might suit your chosen aesthetic design. So here are some of the most popular kitchen furniture that can add just the right touch to complete a look you’re trying to achieve for some inspiration. 

  • mobile kitchen islands
  • bar seating chairs
  • china cabinets
  • breakfast tables
  • coffee stations
  • buffet cabinets

So the next time you go shopping for those key kitchen furniture pieces, don’t forget the inspiration photos, color pallets, and a whole lot of patients to ensure your kitchen aesthetic is not only suited by but enhanced by your chosen kitchen furniture design.

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