Tips for a Small but Luxurious Bathroom in Your St. Louis Home


mcdermott remodeling how to make small bathroom luxuriousAt the end of a long day, all you want to do is come home and relax. For you, maybe that means taking a steamy shower, lighting a candle, soaking in the tub, or listening to music. Whatever your preference, you should be able to feel comfortable and at ease in your bathroom, the hub of personal self-care.

But what if you have a tiny bathroom? It’s true – even the smallest of bathrooms can still be stylish and luxurious, given the right design and accessories. 

Tub vs. Shower 

We all love a big tub to relax in, but sometimes when you’re pinched for space, it’s just not the best use of your square footage. Instead of a space-hogging soaker or tub/shower combo, a walk-in shower might be a better fit. While it may take up a similar amount of space, it’s far more visually appealing, and removing the high-sided bathtub will open up the room. 

mcdermott remodeling how to make small bathroom luxurious

Custom Shower Features 

If you just want a nice spot to settle back and let the hot water wash your cares away, why not install a bench in your shower? This is also an excellent idea for anybody with mobility issues, especially when paired with a grab-bar. Ask your designer to include a seating feature, or request custom storage solutions like niches or a shower hanger for your toiletries. 

mcdermott remodeling how to make small bathroom luxurious

Through the Looking Glass 

Glass shower doors is another great way to expand a minimal space. It gives your small bathroom more depth and tricks the eye into thinking there’s more room than there is. Without a wall or shower curtain cutting across your line of vision, you get a sleeker, breezier, and more open space. Plus, glass is modern, easy to care for, and just looks amazing in any bathroom. 

mcdermott remodeling how to make small bathroom luxurious

Seamless Tile 

In your design, consider using consistent tiling from your shower into the rest of your bathroom. This gives you a smooth flow from one area to the next, without the distraction of jarring transitions. The tiling on your shower walls will look great behind the toilet, and as a backsplash for your sink. But you don’t have to have identical tiling top to bottom in your bathroom. As long as you have tile in similarly subtle hues that complement each other well, you can incorporate a few different materials into your tiny-but-luxurious bathroom. 

mcdermott remodeling how to make small bathroom luxurious

Matching Hardware 

When you’re working with limited space, you want to keep things looking as streamlined as possible. This isn’t to say it should be plain; on the contrary, you can go with whatever style suits you! But in our experience, the more variety of textures, colors, and materials there are in one space, the more disjointed it can look. A great way to make sure everything looks sleek and cohesive is to go with matching hardware. Stick to one color and style for your showerhead, faucet, cabinet handles, door hooks, and so on. This approach will tie the whole look together! 

mcdermott remodeling how to make small bathroom luxurious

Heated Flooring 

Radiant floor heating is the ultimate in bathroom luxury! This handy feature can turn your water closet into an at-home spa, and it’s perfect for those cold winter days. It’s no fun to step out of your nice, warm shower onto a freezing cold tile floor. With heated floors, you’ll never again have to experience this unpleasant shock to the system. Underfloor heating provides your bathroom space with consistent, energy-efficient warmth that can be set with a timer, and you can adjust the temperature to suit your preference. Once it’s installed, it will last for decades, making it an investment you’ll never regret. 

mcdermott remodeling how to make small bathroom luxurious

Let in the Light 

Allowing lots of natural light into your bathroom will make it feel larger than it actually is. But you don’t have to compromise privacy to let the sunshine in. Choose window coverings in a material that’s sheer enough to allow light to filter through, but opaque enough that you can’t see through it. Choose light colors that will keep your bathroom looking bright and beautiful. Roman shades in gentle fabrics like linen can offer a lovely, relaxed look, while roller shades are a nice mix of modern style and functionality. 

mcdermott remodeling how to make small bathroom luxurious

Are You Ready for a Small Bathroom Makeover? 

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