Décor for a Small Bathroom in Your St. Louis Home


mcdermott remodeling decorating a small bathroomIf you are looking for ways to make a splash in a small bathroom, some new décor might be just the ticket. Changing up the look of your bathroom is a lot less expensive than a complete remodel, and it might just give you the new outlook you’ve been hoping for. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or some drama, we’ve got a few tips and suggestions for you to think about. Let’s dive in! 

Window Dressings 

Natural light is the perfect accessory to any room, so you want to make sure you maximize what your windows have to offer. Of course, you’ll want to dress your windows so that they let in light while still maintaining your privacy. There are lots of different styles of blinds, curtains, and shades that can accomplish this. Go for a neutral tone in a material that’s not too heavy. Gauzy Roman shades are casually beautiful, while roller shades look modern and sleek. Honeycomb shades are super opaque, but still allow light to filter through. California-style shutters are both classically stylish and versatile, and always a popular option to consider. 

Mirrors & Medicine Cabinets 

mcdermott remodeling decorating a small bathroom

Mirrors can be multifunctional! Not only can you use them to admire your reflection, but they’re great for bouncing natural light around a room. If you don’t get a lot of natural light, you can make your bathroom appear bigger and brighter with a few strategically-placed mirrors. Whether that’s the one over your sink, a handy wall-mounted makeup mirror, or even a cluster of small, round decorative mirrors, it’s easy to use reflection to your advantage. If your bathroom lacks natural light, decorative mirrors are the perfect way to give your space a glow-up. 

A mirror-front medicine cabinet is a great way to disguise your toiletries and other things you don’t want to keep on the counter. Plus, it gives your mirror some dimension and visual appeal. Mirror-front cabinets are great for industrial and contemporary-style bathrooms. 

Paint & Paper 

mcdermott remodeling decorating a small bathroom

There’s no easier way to give your bathroom a major facelift than with a new coat of paint. Almost any color can work in a bathroom, from whites, greys, and blacks to neutrals, muted colors, and saturated hues. It’s all about how you accessorize. But remember that dark colors tend to close off smaller spaces, especially if you don’t have a lot of natural light. If you’re dead-set on dark colors, consider using them on an accent wall with a few colored accessories for an offset. 

Regardless of what color you choose, invest in paint that is designed specifically for bathrooms. These paints contain special ingredients that inhibit mold and repel moisture. Expensive, high-quality paints that contain more solids than cheaper alternatives can also help protect your walls from moisture damage. Inevitably, your bathroom walls will experience steam and splashes, so the investment is worthwhile. 

If you’re determined to use wallpaper in your bathroom, make sure you have proper ventilation. Then, once the paper is applied and dried, seal it with decorating varnish for increased durability. 


mcdermott remodeling decorating a small bathroom

Hardware choices can be the key to cementing your bathroom’s style. Faucets, cabinet handles, showerheads, light fixtures, and even mirror frames can really tie a look together. Whether your aesthetic is ornate vintage, edgy and industrial, sleek contemporary, or rustic cottage, make sure that your selections complement each other and your overall style. Don’t underestimate the power of a bold light fixture or statement bathtub faucet! 

Add a Bit of Greenery 

mcdermott remodeling decorating a small bathroom

Add a touch of freshness to your bathroom with a potted plant or two. There are lots of different species of plants that thrive in warm and humid spaces like bathrooms. Plus, they can be good for the atmosphere of your home, and living greenery can actually boost your mood. Aloe Vera, bamboo, cast iron plants, and various species of ferns are just a few of the plants that might enjoy living in your bathroom. You’ll probably enjoy having them there, too! Plus, a few cut flowers are sure to brighten up the room for a few days at a time. 

In closing, there are a hundred different ways to decorate your bathroom. This is what’s great about home improvement projects; it’s all about what works for you and what makes a space feel like it’s yours. If you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom, you can trust our design-build team to deliver. Reach out today, and let’s talk about the possibilities!

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