St. Louis Kitchen and Master Bath Remodels: Luxury and Style Where You Want It Most


kitchen and master bath st. louis moThe kitchen and the master bathroom are the two most remodeled rooms in any St. Louis home. They are also the two areas where homeowners tend to spend the most money. Both rooms are essential to everyday living, but each is able to provide an underpinning of luxury within a home, offering eye-pleasing design and practical functionality that enhances lifestyle while adding convenience, beauty, and perhaps a little slice of serenity.

Giving The Hardest Working Rooms In Your House A Little Love

Between the kitchen and the master bath, it’s a toss-up as to which one is the most important.

The kitchen is often the center of activity for your entire home. It’s the place where memories are made, and a common spot for family and friends to gather. If you are thinking about ways to reimagine your kitchen, an open-concept design is a great place to start. With this type of approach, we are able to extend the interior design of your other rooms, promoting the flow of light and energy from one room to the next.

kitchen and master bath st. louis mo

In many cases, this seamless sensibility can be accomplished with cabinetry, trim, light fixtures, and hardware that complement the design of the rest of the home. By applying simple touches such as these, we can create a cohesive flow while giving you added functionality and convenience with features like built-in freezer drawers or an island with enough room for everybody to sit at.

The master bath, on the other hand, is a very private space. It isn’t used by a lot of people, so it’s one space in the home where you can really dig in and do something nice for yourself. You can choose the luxury fixtures and materials that make you happy, features that have a big impact on your private space and create a real sanctuary. Your master bath remodel should not be something you do to impress your guests. Instead, it should be just for you, that one room in the house where you can indulge in your own personal style.

Think about it: you simply don’t use your hall bathrooms and guest bathrooms as often or in the same way as you do the master bath. Also, your master bath doesn’t see as much public or kid traffic, so you can confidently choose the best quality materials and fixtures, knowing that they will give you pleasure for a very long time.

kitchen and master bath st. louis mo

Going With The Flow

We approach a redesign of the master bath as an extension of the master bedroom design. Whether we are simply swapping out the cabinetry or installing a walk-in spa shower, it’s all about creating an effortless flow from one space into the other.

Flow is the key word here – the flow of traffic through the space and planning for it is absolutely crucial in good interior design. We first plan where the main pieces are going to be placed – the vanity, the sink, the shower, and so on. Making it look gorgeous is the endgame, of course, but there is much work to be done before we reach that stage.

First, we take the time to listen to you – find out about your pain points, your wants, your needs – so we can advocate for those needs throughout the entire process. Those initial conversations are just as important as the work that is to be done because that is the stage at which things are decided and worked into the design. After all, if we just go about the business of remodeling without knowing exactly what your expectations are, there is a good chance you won’t be completely satisfied, and then we’re all in hot water. Remodeling a kitchen or a master bath is a lot of work and, we think you’ll agree, it ought to be done right the first time.

kitchen and master bath st. louis mo

Every Remodel Is A Team Effort

As designers, we put a lot of effort into making sure that your vision is understood by every member of our team. We use a design-build approach to ensure that all stakeholders involved in the process are on the same page. This means that every technician, every artisan, designer, builder, and plumber are brought in during the early planning stages so that all potential issues can be addressed prior to starting the work. What this means for you is that your remodel will be completed on time and on budget. The only surprises you’ll have along the way will be the good kind.

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