Saving Space in Your St. Louis Kitchen: Do Pullout Racks Help?


do pull out racks save spaceIf you have a small kitchen or if you are challenged in terms of storage, you might be thinking about pullout racks as an option for saving space.

The truth is, you won’t be saving space, per se, but pullout racks will make your cabinets, and what you put in them, more accessible.

Rather than having your kitchen items stuffed and stacked into the pantry, relegated to the back of a bottom cabinet, or collecting dust at the back of a shelf, pullout shelves will make them easier to find. You will be able to see and reach everything more easily, so it optimizes the space you have without having to make any significant design changes.

Better Organization, Save Time, Save Money

Technically, pullout racks will give you less cubic footage in storage, but you will be more inclined to keep it organized. You’ll have access to the things you need and won’t end up with expired items building up deep in the back of the cabinet.

How many times have you said to yourself – “I know I bought that item last week. Where is it?” And then, you run out and purchase it again, only to find the one you originally bought a week later. Happens all the time, right?

The beauty of pullout shelves is that when you pull it out, you will see everything you have. It keeps you more organized, it keeps you more accountable for what’s in your cabinets, and you might even save some money on your grocery bills.

A Solution For Your Aching Back, Knees, et cetera

do pull out racks save space

Base cabinets, especially—where you would generally put pots and pans, mixing bowls, and casual dishes—some of these items are really heavy. If you had to get down on the floor to reach something out of the back of the cabinet, you’re probably just not going to use it as much, if at all. You might even forget you own it.

For older adults or anybody with back problems, bending can be a concern, so a pullout rack in your base cabinets can help immensely. You can roll out that rack in a snap to remove or put away your items easily.

Pullouts In The Pantry

Another place we usually see pullout racks is in a pantry cabinet. Pantry shelves are often deep, so pullouts offer great convenience.

In a wall cabinet, since they are fairly shallow, you typically wouldn’t need a pullout. For instance, if you had a pullout tray in a wall cabinet, it would likely be either at or above your eye level, so it wouldn’t be practical. It’s mainly your lower cabinets and those deep pantry cabinets where they make the most sense.

Pullout Rack Features

do pull out racks save space

Pullout racks are generally quite heavy duty. They are meant to support quite a lot of weight, like your pots and pans, dishes, or lots of canned goods. Once you’ve loaded it up, you simply pull it out – it rolls on heavy duty glides, like a drawer – and once it’s fully extended, you’ll be able to see and reach everything you’ve got in there.

Updating Your Cabinets With Pullouts

When we order pullouts, we will order them with the cabinets. Most manufacturers offer pullouts as an option. But, if you are retrofitting your cabinets after the fact, there are plenty of aftermarket options, so if you wanted to update your cabinets with pullouts, there are lots of choices, and they are super easy to install.

Rev-A-Shelf is a big supplier, and you can find them at Home Depot or Lowes. You just need to be careful that you get the right size for your cabinet.

Depending on the brand you choose, pullout shelves can be a little pricey. Some will run you up to $200 per cabinet, but you need to weigh the cost against the convenience and functionality you will gain. If it makes your kitchen cabinets usable whereas they may not have been before, then it’s worth it. Let’s face it – none of us are getting any younger. As the years go by, it’s going to be more difficult to bend, reach, and crawl into the back of your cabinets, so doing this now can make a lot of sense.

Do Pullout Racks Need To Match?

do pull out racks save space

Some of you might be concerned that the pullout racks you see in the store are not particularly attractive. However, keep in mind that they are not on display; they are hidden away with a multitude of things piled on them, so you really don’t see them.

Pullouts are usually made of maple, but some are wire. If they are made of wood, you could stain or paint them to match your kitchen, but it’s not necessary. Plus, the fact that the pullouts don’t match may make them more functional because they will be easier to see. For instance, if your cabinets were black and you painted the pullouts black, it would all just blend in. Most of the time, however, the inside of your cabinets is going to be a natural color, so it shouldn’t be an issue, and certainly nothing you should worry too much about.

Wood Vs. Wire Pullouts

In a pantry, we would say that wood would be the better choice. Because of the solid bottom, it can take more weight. Additionally, some jars and other items may not sit perfectly on a wire rack. Cans, jars, and boxes might tip over. You wouldn’t have that problem with pots and pans, so wire may be okay for your base cabinets, but typically, wood is a better and more versatile choice overall.

Are you thinking about updating your cabinets with pullout racks? We’d love to help! Reach out today to start the conversation. 

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