Luxury Bathroom Design for Your St. Louis Home


luxury bathroom design st. louisWhen it’s time to remodel your bathroom most people do not necessarily think of luxury design as being an option. But what comes to mind when you imagine your “dream bathroom”? There are many components you can add that not only enhance the functionality of the room but complete your personal style.

Modern bathrooms can now include a lot of exciting features, some of which include:

360˚ shower sprays
Imagine a shower that not only conjures the rain but envelopes you in soft water from every direction. This custom feature is generally not the first option that comes to mind, but once you experience it you probably won’t remember what life was like before it!

Walk-in showers
An extra-large walk-in shower could be one of the most indulgent shower experiences you can have. Large glass shower enclosures really open up the space and lend an expansive feel to the room as well as providing a stunning focal point.

Heated floors
Having heated floors in the bathroom is one of the most delicious feelings and, arguably, there is nothing more comforting on a cold winter morning. Heated bathroom floors also boost the value of your home as they help you save money on your energy bills. When your floor is comfy and warm, you will require less ambient heat.

luxury bathroom design st. louis

Skylights add natural light while maintaining privacy, allowing the sunshine to heat the space naturally while lending an air of luxury and expansiveness.

luxury bathroom design st. louis

Lighted mirrors
Softly lighted mirrors are a great alternative to the usually glaring and unflattering light that many bathrooms have.

Anti-fog mirrors
There is nothing more frustrating than having to wait for the steam of your hot shower to dissipate before using your mirrors. Anti-fog mirrors are also care-free as you are not constantly cleaning them to keep them clear.

Touch faucets
Touch faucets are not only elegant, but they are perfect for more convenient and sanitary handwashing. With just a gentle touch you will enjoy an instant flow of water into your sink or tub.

Pull-out cabinets
Pull-out cabinets are great for hiding your bathroom trash and clothing hampers, taking all the clutter out of the room and blending seamlessly with your bathroom design while still remaining practical.

luxury bathroom design st. louis

Closets that match your cabinetry
Custom cabinetry in your bathroom can be matched to the style of the rest of your home for a magazine-quality luxury design result.

Magazine racks with a recessed niche
Stow your bathroom magazines in a recessed niche to eliminate clutter on the floor and maintain sleek, clean lines.

Towel warmers
Wrap yourself in luxury with a perfectly warmed towel, ready to caress you immediately after your bath or shower.

luxury bathroom design st. louis

Steam showers
Steam showers are detoxifying and relaxing – perfect for opening the pores as well as cleansing and toning the skin. A steam shower can be included in your shower for added luxury;  however, a sealed enclosure to keep the steam in and a separate steam unit is required.

Therapy tubs
Today’s therapy tubs can include chroma-therapy lights and even microbubbles that are anti-inflammatory and soothing. Just imagine sinking into a hot therapy bath and emerging like a new person – just heavenly!

luxury bathroom design st. louis

Treat yourself to luxury with a bidet: bidets come in a wide range of styles and types, from stand-alone units to fully-integrated automatic bidets, the kind you see in the world’s most high-end hotels.

Heated toilet seats
Heated toilet seats are the ultimate in personal comfort. Just try one – you will never go back!

Night lights
Night lights can be integrated into your luxury bathroom design and can be as inconspicuous as they are functional. Automatic motion-sense triggering means you will never fumble for the light switch again or have to endure harsh lighting when you get up in the middle of the night.

Automatic flush toilets
Automatic flush toilets are not only a pleasure, they make your bathroom more sanitary because you don’t have to touch the flush handle.

Motion-sensing access components
It’s like your bathroom knows you! Add motion-sensing components like lid opening and closing to your toilet, in-toilet lighting or add automatic lighting to your shower that illuminates as you step in.

With so many new things to consider, it is important to decide what features need to be integrated prior to starting the design process. Things you should think about include what should be visible and what needs to be hidden – for example, hiding, blending and camouflaging things like thermostats, motors, blowers, and so on.

In luxury bathroom design, the focal point should never be the technology. The outward, visible and decorative features, like tile and custom finishes should always remain the point of focus.

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