Basement Remodeling in St. Louis: 5 Creative Home Theater Game Room Combos


basement remodeling st. louisOf all the St. Louis basement remodeling ideas you have to choose from, a home theater is probably right near the top of your list. It’s one of the most popular requests we get, and many homeowners like the idea of combining a media room with another feature, often a game room. Here are 5 creative ideas along with some important considerations to keep in mind as you set out to plan and design your basement media/game room.

1.   Traditional Theater Seating

basement remodeling st. louis

High-back leather seating with built-in drink holders and footrests are a classic look that never gets old. The most recognizable design solution for a media room, they are perfect for snuggling under a blanket, bowl of popcorn in lap, to watch a great movie or sporting event. Take the look at step further by incorporating a full bar and/or partial kitchen – nothing’s better for hosting an amazing Super Bowl or Oscars party.

2.   Combination Room

basement remodeling st. louis

If your home’s basement is large, break up the extra-large space by creating a game area with a pool and/or foosball table. Use half walls, columns, or archways to distinguish the game room from the media section. Add “spectator” seating or bar stools in the gaming area. The room will now flow nicely, but look much less cavernous.

3.   Built-in Seating and Storage

basement remodeling st. louis

Basements are traditionally used as storage areas, so why not get creative with where you store holiday items, sporting equipment, and even tools when remodeling your St. Louis basement? Consider incorporating window seats with hinged and padded tops along with built-in nooks and/or custom cabinets to hold those items you want to keep out of sight but close at hand. Storage benches also give you much more seating for larger parties.

4.   Cohesive Style

basement remodeling st. louis

The two areas should be distinct, but the styles should complement each other. If you want the remodeled basement to not feel like an afterthought, it should also reflect the style of the upper floors. Details like beadboard and window trim can add a traditional look that’s consistent with your home’s existing aesthetic. If you’re adding a kitchen area, mimic the upstairs cabinets and countertops, unless you are planning a remodel in those areas sometime in the next 5-7 years.

5.   Use Those Nooks

basement remodeling st. louis

Many basements have “charming” nooks under the staircase or where the washer and dryer are installed. Don’t ignore these awkward spaces – incorporate them into the remodel. A wet bar, wine cellar, or snack station can be easily installed under the stairs. Recessed shelves and other storage can be added to the laundry area, which can be completely closed off or hidden behind a partial wall.

Basement Remodeling Design Choices

The best home theater/game room combos require plenty of upfront planning and decision making before designing a final plan. You’ll need to:

  • Choose which wall the screen will be installed on.
  • Determine placement of cable and other wiring.
  • Find out if you’ll need to install a dedicated electrical circuit.
  • Consider ceiling plugs for a projector or other equipment.

The most important of these is deciding where you’ll place the screen. Major factors to consider include viewing distance, exposure to sunlight, and location. A general rule is to place the screen 10-15 feet from the seating area and, if possible, mount it on a wall that receives the least amount of natural light. Finally, while it may seem obvious, don’t place the screen in a location where people need to pass in front of it to reach the bar, kitchen, or pool table!

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It’s clear that media and game rooms are a huge trend in today’s remodeling landscape. At J.T. McDermott Remodeling, we love showing clients how easy it can be to tap into the limitless potential of their home’s basement. To learn more about how to get started designing and building a home theater/game room combo in your St. Louis area home, schedule a conversation with us today. We look forward to meeting with you!

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