5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends in St. Louis That Will Stand the Test of Time


bathroom remodeling trends 2018 st. louisOne of the biggest trends in bathroom remodeling? The fact that people are investing – annual spending for 2017 is projected to reach $320 billion! An increased confidence in the economy and the return of home equity is giving homeowners the incentive they need to dive into bathroom remodeling projects they had put off.

The most recent NARI indoor remodeling impact report found that homeowners give their bathroom remodeling projects a “Joy Score” of 9.3 out of 10. In our corner of the world, the trend is to make the biggest investment in the master bathroom, with less expensive options used in hall baths and powder rooms.

Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Year after year, bathroom remodeling trends come and go. But there are some trends for that never seem to go out of style. Want to know more about what trends will be influencing bathroom design in 2018? Here are the top 5 to consider.


bathroom remodeling trends 2018 st. louis

Most homeowners are deciding to forego a traditional tub; many get rid of the tub altogether. For those who still want the option of a long, relaxing soak, freestanding baths are a popular choice. They make a beautiful focal point for the room and give any bath the look of a peaceful retreat. While many baths are made from an acrylic material such as fiberglass, there’s a swing towards natural products like copper and stone.

Earthy Tones

bathroom remodeling trends 2018 st. louis

Neutral color palettes remain as popular as ever. That’s no surprise – neutrals give a bathroom a serene and relaxing feel. Homeowners are choosing whites, creams, and tans. Greige (a mix of beige and grey) remains extremely popular and can give your new bathroom a modern and elegant look. Paired with aged-look flooring or weathered tiles, this understated look can be completed with touches of blue, brown, and green. Some people choose to paint one, smaller wall in an eye-popping color. Materials like natural stone and reclaimed wood are finding more uses, too.

High Tech Features

bathroom remodeling trends 2018 st. louis

Technological innovations in the bathroom are some of the most exciting bathroom remodeling trends we’ve seen in St. St. Louis. From toilets to showerheads and faucets, everything is going digital! Multiple showerheads give homeowners the at-home spa experience they crave. Medicine cabinets are outfitted with LCD tv screens, toilets feature self-opening and closing functions, touchless faucets use a fraction of the power they used to, and LED lights are used to turn showers into gorgeous focal points.


bathroom remodeling trends 2018 st. louis

Well-designed task lighting in the vanity area eliminates shadows and is designed for everyday grooming. A good lighting design should include ceiling or soffit-mounted fixtures as well as side lights or sconces. Light bars and small pendants are popular. For dramatic effect, some homeowners are installing gorgeous chandeliers in larger bathrooms. Installing dimmers allows for lower light levels when relaxing in the shower or tub.

Universal Design

bathroom remodeling trends 2018 st. louis

Otherwise known as aging in place, universal design elements are now more accepted. They’re functional and beautiful at the same time. If you’re now living in what you consider your “forever home,” including universal design features in your bathroom remodel is a smart choice. Even if you intend to move on at some point, these accessibility features are a great resale factor.

Other trends we think are here to stay for the long term in St. Louis include barrier-free showers, custom cabinetry, and the use of rose gold for fixtures.

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