Kitchen Remodeling Trends in St. Louis You’ll Love for a Lifetime


kitchen remodeling trends 2018 st. louisRecent survey results put out by home remodeling platform Houzz suggest that one of the biggest trends in kitchen remodeling is transforming the space into a multifunctional high-traffic room that is functional and inviting. Kitchens that once were purely functional spaces to prep and cook food, are now becoming bustling hubs that bring everyone together. We can back up these results – we’ve noticed the same trend with our own clients.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2018

Almost 70% of the surveyed homeowners said they used the kitchen for dining, and just under 50% entertained guests there. Popular new features include workspaces, dining tables and televisions. From our observation, people are favoring light palettes (greige is still the top choice) and under cabinet and island LED lighting.

Some of the non-design trends we’ve noticed in all types of projects, including kitchen remodels, are that people are willing to invest in their home, but also prepared to make sacrifices to stay on budget. Thoughtful consideration is given to each design element and decisions are based on what really matters.

Here are some of the highlights of the latest Houzz kitchen remodeling trends study.

A Surprisingly Healthy Trend

A third of those surveyed said they’re now leading healthier lifestyles post-kitchen remodel. They cook more meals at home, eat out and order in less, and are eating more fruits and vegetables. In fact, over 75% report they make five or more dinners at home per week.

Materials Selection

kitchen remodeling trends 2018 st. louis

While cost is always important, when selecting countertops and flooring, looks and durability matter most. Quartz, granite, marble, wood, and porcelain are top choices and are loved for their ease of cleaning and staying power.

Gaining Space

kitchen remodeling trends 2018 st. louis

Over a third of kitchen remodeling projects involve increasing the room’s size. Open concept rooms are preferred by about half of the homeowners, and more people are taking advantage of the remodel to open the room to the outdoors.

Reasons for Remodeling

Most homeowners say they just can’t stand their old kitchen one more day, but the decision to move forward depends very much on having the financial means to do so. A quarter of the survey’s respondents are recent home buyers doing much needed renovations on older homes. Other reasons for remodeling include adapting to changes, such as the birth of a child, or a family member’s disability and remodeling for resale.

The Great Room

kitchen remodeling trends 2018 st. louis

There is decided trend towards going back to the closed-off kitchen, but great rooms, or the open concept kitchen, continue to be popular. Room additions are common, as is replacing major kitchen elements like countertops, cabinets, flooring, windows, doors, and appliances.


kitchen remodeling trends 2018 st. louis

Top trends for built-ins are pantry cabinets and islands. Breakfast bars, reach-in pantries, and peninsulas are also popular. Built-in organizers maximize storage space and reduce clutter, while separate storage areas for pots and pans are gaining in popularity.

Style Trends

kitchen remodeling trends 2018 st. louis

We notice a lot of clients making the move to a transitional kitchen, but this report shows a slightly higher number of people choosing a contemporary look. Traditional remains popular with the Boomers while many millennials prefer the farmhouse aesthetic.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends That Never Go Out of Style

Many clients we talk with are worried about trends “going away.” They don’t want to invest in something that looks great today but will be noticeably dated in 10 years or less. It’s true that some kitchen trends will come and go, but some things never go out of style. Consider one or more of these design elements if you want a kitchen that is on trend but will stand the test of time.

  • Shaker cabinets are a classic that can be given an updated look with glass fronts or by pairing them with more modern touches like subway tiles and copper accents.
  • Interesting neutrals don’t have to be boring to be trendy. The all-white kitchen is still very popular, but shades of grey, including greige, give the kitchen a timeless appearance.
  • Vintage or replicate vintage appliances have never gone out of style and are great focal points.

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Remodeling your kitchen is a big commitment and investment. If you’re on the fence about just what trends to include in your project, our designers will help you make choices that will last a lifetime. Have more questions about the latest kitchen remodeling trends? Drop us a line today to learn more – we look forward to meeting with you!

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