What St. Louis’ Homeowners Want from their Master Bath Renovation


master bath renovation st. louisWhat clients want from their master bath renovation hasn’t changed much over the years. Upgraded fixtures and features, boosting home value, adapting to changing needs, and better functionality are still the most popular reasons people decide to remodel their master bathroom.

From a design point of view, most of our clients keep the room’s original footprint, though some extend the room by opening up walls into an underutilized space, like a hall closet. It’s important to decide if the current footprint works for the way you live before getting started. Also consider if what the bathroom offers now in fixtures (tub, shower, sink, and toilet), flooring, countertops, lighting, and finishes are still reflective of how you live.

Long-Term Master Bath Trends

From our unscientific observation, what we’re seeing in master bathroom renovations is not earth-shatteringly new, but more of continued trends. Getting rid of the tub is still very much alive, and the vast majority of our clients opt for a bigger shower in its place. Those who do keep a tub in the master are choosing freestanding models. Double sinks are a must and multiple shower heads are gaining in popularity.

master bath renovation st. louis

The overall trend is to make the new master bath an upgraded space that is distinct from the home’s other bathrooms. For example, while tile may not be used for hall baths or powder rooms, it is the top choice for the master suite. Even if a completely tiled room is out of the question, clients are doing a combination of onyx and cultured marble to complement their tile choice.

Other design choices we’re seeing include:

  • Expansion into the space once occupied by the tub. Many homes built in the Greater St. Louis area in the 1980s and 1990s have windows over the tub, making it difficult to place a shower in the exact same location. Instead, the shower is built up to the edge of the window.
  • Universal design elements are being incorporated. Walk-in showers, shower benches, grab bars, and comfort height toilets are just some of the amenities people are adding.
  • Clients tend to stay within the framework of the existing layout, but they’re moving things around a bit while working with the existing plumbing and electrical.
  • Except where prohibited by plumbing fixtures, drawers are the most popular choice for vanities.
  • Medicine cabinets are still popular, but they are much more subtle than older models. People still want an easily accessible place to put all different shaped bottles and today’s clever designs give them options that include electric mirrors, built-in lighting, and even television screens.  
  • Bath fans are getting quieter and come equipped with settings that turn them off automatically.

Heated Floors

Most people like the idea of heated floors, but if push comes to shove they’d rather devote more of their budget to the finishes they want. If you still want to avoid walking on cold tiles in the morning or middle of the night, a good alternative product is Armstrong’s Alterna, which is warmer to the touch than ceramic or porcelain tile. Easy to install, it comes in a wide range of unique patterns and colors and offers homeowners beauty, comfort, and easy care.

master bath renovation st. louis

Another popular flooring choice is a 12×24 (as opposed to the standard 6×24) wood-look tile in a cool gray, or greige, color.

Design Elements

Bath design and décor are not just about function. The finishes you choose make all the difference between an adequate room and a beautiful and relaxing retreat. Cool palettes, pocket doors, frameless showers, historic details, vintage cabinetry, and clean modern lines can all come together to create a master bath you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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