Get a Turnkey Remodel Solution With a Design Build Firm in St. Louis


turnkey remodel st. louisAt J.T. McDermott Remodeling Contractors, a turnkey remodel is the essence of what we do. From planning and design to finish work, our talented construction professionals provide design-build solutions that satisfy your every need and deliver a fully-completed remodel.


What is a Turnkey Remodel?

Turnkey is an expression often used by real estate agents to describe a home as move-in ready, with no work required by the buyers before they take ownership. The design build process ensures that every remodel, too, can be turnkey. At J.T. McDermott, we call it the “easy button” of remodeling – it’s what you get when you hire a professional company like ours. It takes the anxiety out of remodeling and gives you viable, quality options.

5 Key Elements of Turnkey Remodeling

From the client’s perspective, the design build model just makes sense: it provides a single source of responsibility for their remodel. When the contractor has singular responsibility for both design and construction, it ensures more effective communication, and saves you time and money. The value of our services rests in the quality of our team who manage every aspect of your remodel.

Office to jobsite, our designers, project managers, and craftspeople share the same commitment to quality. There are five main components that make up a successful turnkey remodel.

Planning and Design

We’re all about building relationships with our clients, so all our remodels start with a candid conversation that focuses on your goals and objectives for both the project and the contractor relationship. At our initial consultation, we dig deep into your project’s specifics, clarify your needs and wants, and walk you through design options and plans.


From pre-construction conferences to construction conclusion, a well-developed schedule that encompasses design, construction, and approval elements is the foundation of a successful project. It lets you know what to expect, and where you stand in the process. When everyone understands the process, and is aware of the tasks they’ll be responsible for, the project progresses more smoothly and the stress of not knowing what each day will bring is eliminated.

Pre-Construction Review

Quality assurance is based on a simple concept: do it right the first time. We evaluate and recheck every element of your remodeling project before we get started on construction. Quality cannot be assumed, it must be designed and built into the project. Probably the most important factor in achieving high-quality design is the open communication between all parties during the design phase. The time spent now on the smallest of details ensures everything will be built to your expectations.

Cost Budgeting and Control

In the design build process, your remodel is developed around the budget from the very start. Design ideas are presented and evaluated in parallel with other tasks and take into consideration all elements of the project. This helps eliminate surprises during the construction phase and offers an early understanding of project costs. Another plus: design build firms have access to the latest construction costs, so your St. Louis design is valued engineered using the most cost-effective materials and methods.


We use Buildertrend™, an advanced tech tool that fosters open communication and improves performance. It provides you, our vendors, and our team with everything they need to keep your project running smoothly. Progress photos can be accessed from your smartphone, providing you daily information anytime, anywhere. We also offer 3D visualizations, so you can see exactly how your remodeled space will look before work gets started.

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At J. T. McDermott, we believe that turnkey is the difference between working with a design build firm and hiring a construction company. If you’re asked to do anything except make decisions (and write the checks!), it’s not turnkey. To learn more about the design build remodeling process and how it can be the perfect solution for your next St. Louis remodeling project, schedule a conversation with us today. We look forward to meeting with you!

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