10 Creative and Easy Pantry Storage Ideas You’ll Love in St. Louis


creative pantry storage ideas st. louisBig or compact, most kitchens have some type of a pantry. It could be as small as several shelves in a cupboard, or as large as bedroom walk-in closet.

The word pantry comes from “paneterie,” an Old French word derived from “pain,” the French word for bread. In days of old, all foods like meats, alcohol, fruits, and grains were stored in their own rooms. In this country, food storage and prep pantries were introduced in the early 1900s when the Hoosier cabinet made its debut. These classic pieces are still an efficient addition to a kitchen.

10 Creative Pantry Storage Ideas

Everyone loves the idea of having a super organized kitchen pantry and there are hundreds of Pinterest boards to prove it.  We’re going to chime in with 10 of our own favorite creative pantry storage ideas that you can easily implement in your own pantry.

  1. Whether you have a full walk-in or cabinet pantry, make sure it’s well lit. One light fixture is usually all you need to ensure you can see everything inside. For a walk-in pantry, you might want to consider a skylight or Solatube installation.
  2. Always plan for something other than shelves in your pantry cabinets. Roll-out trays, pull-outs, or a combination of both keep everything without easy reach. creative pantry storage ideas st. louis
  3. If you place the pantry close to the refrigerator, unpacking groceries will be that much more efficient and everything you need for meal prep will be close by.
  4. It’s ok to place the pantry outside the work triangle, as most people only go in and grab what they need. Spice cabinets, however, work better inside the triangle.
  5. Use stackable bins or glass containers to store products like rice, noodles, baking supplies, and cereal. Most boxes these items come in aren’t the same size, so one-size containers can save a lot of space. Airtight containers will also keep stuff fresher for a longer time and it’s easier to see when something is running low.
  6. Use little chalkboards or signs to label each shelf. You can also use a label maker to individually label glass containers. For lower pullout shelves, put the label on the lid.
  7. Instead of stacking canned goods upright, use wire baskets on shelves and lay them on their side. You can easily triple your storage space and it’s much easier to see what you’re running low on.
  8. Remove one-serving snacks from the box and put them in clear plastic drawers like those used for office supplies. You’ll be able to throw packed lunches together in a flash!
  9. If you have a tall pantry, don’t forget to make use of the inside of the door. Try installing a shallow spice rack or add a nook for rolls of foil, cling wrap, and waxed paper, as well as plastic sandwich bags.
  10. Want a great place to keep a running grocery list? Line the inside of the doors to your pantry with chalkboards – or use chalkboard paint and corkboard. It’s a fun and functional way to add a personal touch to your pantry!

creative pantry storage ideas st. louis

Every kitchen remodeling project we do includes updating cabinets with pantry solutions. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, we often recommend inserts that go inside a low base cabinet, like the one pictured here from Wellborn Cabinet.

You can also design a custom pantry area that has a place for your cooking supplies and appliances. If space allows, large pull out drawers are great for stowing away blenders, mixers, and toasters.

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Pantries may be functional, but there’s no reason they can’t also be fun! We’d love to show you more creative pantry storage ideas. If you’re ready to talk about a kitchen or any other remodeling project for your Greater St. Louis area home, drop us a line today. We look forward to meeting with you!

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