When Do You Need a Permit for Your St. Louis MO Remodeling Project?


Remodeling your home is stressful, then when you add the confusion and worry of permits to everything else, it can be downright scary. At McDermitt Remodeling, we want our clients to feel at ease and enjoy the remodeling process, so here is a helpful guide to making the permit process a bit easier.

Why You Need to Get Permits

Let’s first talk about why you need a permit in the first place. You might think it’s no big deal and going without a permit will save you time and money. However, skipping the permit process can be dangerous and cost you more money in the long run. For example, if you’re working for a company and they don’t require getting permits for their work, run the other way. You’ll have no way of knowing if the work they are going to do is safe or within the laws of building codes. These codes are in place for a reason and will keep your family and any future residents of the home safe. If you get caught building without permits, you’ll be subject to fines and possible removal of the work. So don’t skip this annoying yet vital step of the remodeling process.

When Permits Are Usually Required

Not all remodeling projects require you to apply for a permit. And it’s essential to have a good idea of when one is actually needed. Unfortunately, the laws and codes are different in different places. So while it might be required for removing a load-bearing wall in one county, it might not be for another. However, this list of projects almost always requires a permit. 

  • Changing the roofline of your home
  • Changing the existing footprint of your home
  • Adding to the electrical wiring
  • Dumpster placement on a public road
  • Decks of specific sizes
  • Messing with the sewer lines
  • Building additions
  • Carports or garages
  • New openings for doors or windows
  • Adding fireplaces or wood-burning stoves
  • Garage conversions
  • New furnace or air conditioner or water heater
  • New hose bibs

When a Permit Might Be Required

The projects above are more often than not on a list of a permit requiring projects. Projects that are sometimes on that list are adding new plumbing lines, removing non-load bearing walls, and replacing doors and windows. These types of projects don’t usually change the home in a way that puts it at risk of being dangerous. They are low-profile projects that typically can be done without a permit, but you’ll still want to check with your local codes.

Don’t Feel Like Worrying About It?

Still, feel a little unsettled about the idea of dealing with permits? It’s safe to say that no one likes dealing with the government and waiting around at that permit office is probably not your idea of a fun Saturday afternoon. So instead, we recommend hiring a construction company that will take care of those permits for you. Professionals do this work all the time, and it’s likely they’ve done work in your area before and know what will or will not require a permit. So they can take care of all that for you while you focus on the more fun aspect of remodeling your home, like going shopping for that new kitchen countertop! 


If you hire a company that will take care of it for you, you now at least have a better idea of the types of projects that are likely required to have a permit. Even if you don’t deal with the permits yourself, you can at least not feel so out of the loop when it comes up at meetings with your contractor. At McDermitt Remodeling, we can help you with the headache-inducing permit process and help facilitate an enjoyable and safe remodeling experience.


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