These are The 5 Best Door Material Options You’ll Want to Consider


First impressions matter. That’s probably why you’re stressing about your door. One of the critical elements of how your door will look is the material it is made with. It’s essential to consider this when choosing your perfect door. Not only does the material matter when it comes to aesthetics, but the material of the door will determine how long it will last and how expensive or affordable it is. The importance of this decision can sometimes make you feel paralyzed with decision paralysis. This is why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to door material options. Read on to find out which door material is ideal for your specific needs!


It’s a classic. Wood doors have been around since the invention of doors! But, of course, we’ve come a long way in design, construction, and door handles. Wood has a lot going for it as a choice for your door. It’s a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing choice that comes in a wide range of wood types. There are lots of woods to choose from, and they all have different colors, durability, and costs associated with them. So wood is also a great option if you’re worried about your budget. You’re bound to find one in your price range. You can also add glass panes, detailed etching, and almost any other custom design you’re looking for. Wood is also hefty and sturdy, and dent resistant. There are wooden doors like this hand-carved one from an Etsy creator, WoodCraftedbyAnton, or this one by Grand Entry Doors. 

It will be impacted by the elements more than the more modern options, and it comes with more maintenance. For example, you’ll need to repaint or restain it every few years to keep it looking its best.


You might hear ‘steel’ and think of the big, industrial, and heavy doors you shove to open at the hospital. However, there are plenty of steel door options that are perfect for modern-style homes. They come in various styles, colors, and sizes to suit all of your needs. Steel is also affordable if you’re looking to stay within a budget. And, of course, steel is more substantial than other materials and will hold up over time. In addition, steel is energy efficient due to the added core insulation, and it’s resistant to the elements and less likely to warp over time. You’re also not going to have too much maintenance for steel doors. However, you might have to be careful not to scratch it as it’s prone to showing scratches more than other options. 

Check out this simple steel door from Home Depot or this sleek modern-style steel door by Domadeco.

Wrought Iron

Are you looking for a dramatic entrance? Wrought iron doors will look and feel like you’re entering a fortress when you come home at night. Of course, they come in modern styles that are perfect for our modern homes, but they look and feel elegant. They are also very durable and will stand up against harsh weather. If you accidentally bump it with that couch you’re carrying in; it’s not going dent or scratch as other materials will. Wrought iron doors are energy efficient too! You’ll sleep better at night, too, knowing that wrought iron is highly secure. Some will break their foot trying to kick it down! It might not have been on your list, but we think it should be. You can get as custom and ornate as this door from Pinky’s Iron Doors or as simple and modern as this door by Black Diamond Iron Doors.


Of course, fiberglass is a modern invention that has made many products more affordable. The same goes for fiberglass doors. They are durable, energy-efficient, weather-resistant, and won’t rust or corrode over time. Fiberglass doors are perfect for extreme climate situations and work well in high-traffic areas. If you live in a place that gets very cold or scorching hot, you might want to consider fiberglass over other options. But they are great for average conditions as well. Fiberglass doors are easy to install, have long-lasting warranties, and are very low maintenance. They also come in many woodgrain textures to suit your aesthetic needs. You might not ever know this door by Doors 4 Home was fiberglass with its wood grain texture. Or you might prefer this modern style fiberglass door from Wayfair.

However, fiberglass won’t have the same heavy feel as steel, wood, or wrought iron. So if you’re looking for something that feels luxurious, fiberglass won’t be for you. 

Luckily, there is a door option for everyone, and as we can see by the examples used in this guide, they all come in styles that will work for any style. So take your time when selecting a door. Whether it’s a front door or the doors that will be installed within your home, they are essential to your home’s overall aesthetic and functionality.

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