Check Out These 6 Ideal Laundry Room Layouts Perfect For Your St. Louis, MO Home


The laundry room is maybe one of the most neglected rooms in the home. Sometimes it’s in the basement, and we get in and out as quickly as possible. But doing laundry takes up too much of our time for us to not at least enjoy the space we’re doing it in. So take a look at our laundry room layout ideas to get inspired and maybe enjoy doing laundry! Or at least not dread it.

Build a Cabinet Around Your Machines

Often we fill out the kitchen table or bed with folded laundry because there isn’t any other space to stack all those clothes. But if you design a cabinet around your laundry machines, you can create a large flat space ideal for folding and sorting laundry. Now you won’t have to move all that laundry right before you go to bed!

Add Laundry Room to Master Closet for Easy Access

Sometimes the location of the laundry room just doesn’t make sense. For example, most outfit changes happen within the bedroom, but most of the time, a laundry room is in the basement or downstairs. So instead, we recommend moving the laundry room to the master closet if it’s big enough. That way, all the laundry stays near the bedrooms, and huge heavy baskets of laundry don’t have to be carried up and down the steps. We created this unique and useful set up in one of our clients home and you can check it out here!

Create Built-in Drying Racks on the Walls

Those lightweight drying racks from Walmart are compact and get the job done. However, they aren’t very aesthetic, and they take up a lot of floor space when open and covered in drying clothes. Instead, invest in built-in drying racks. These come in various sizes and styles and can be attached to the wall, so they stay out of the way. You can hide them in cabinets too!

Add a Pet Bath to Your Laundry Room Layout

When considering what to add to your laundry room, we think adding a pet bath is one of the better ideas out there. It’s already a room where you don’t mind getting things a bit dirty, and having a dedicated space to give your pets a bath can keep your bathrooms free of pet hair and messy bath times. It can also double as a soaking sink for those stubborn stains and mud-coated pants.

Stack Laundry Machines for Smaller Spaces

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a huge laundry room, and laundry machines aren’t small appliances! The average size of a washer or dryer is 28 inches wide, and two of them, side by side, take up 46 inches. So if you find yourself wishing for more space, maybe consider stacking the laundry machines. This saves a lot of space and could give you the opportunity to add any of the above options.

Don’t Forget to Be Stylish!

Just because most of the work done in a laundry room is dirty and dull doesn’t mean that the room you do it in has to look boring. While reworking your laundry room layout, remember to find places where your style and personality can shine through. Maybe choose a fun wall color, or discover some unique detergent containers like these from Etsy seller CocoandPalmDesigns. Or perhaps some fun laundry-themed decor like these elegantly framed signs by Etsy seller MiaandMadisonStudios or this adorable “Laundry Sucks” gnome by Etsy seller GnomeBodiesBoutique

We think laundry rooms need some more love and attention. So maybe use these tips and tricks to spice up your laundry room. Who knows, you might even like doing laundry if you optimize the space!

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