Why You Need Experts When Remodeling with Unique Geological Concerns


The world of DIYing is a fun and creative way to take the aesthetic of your home into your own hands. It can be a great way to get creative and maybe make some changes to your home in a more cost-effective manner. However, there are some things that shouldn’t be done without experts. For example, an extensive home remodels project needs specialists from beginning to end. So, let’s dive into a project of ours where the experts were brought in and made the project a success. 

Not All Foundations Are Created Equal

When our clients called us, they had their project wish list hammered out almost down to every detail. However, we knew we’d need more help once we walked into their basement.

Their foundation was built around a huge boulder, and we weren’t sure how to change the layout of the home without disrupting the rock and possibly the stability of their home. With the mining substance issues we face in nearby developments, we knew immediately we had to bring in the experts. 

Which Experts Do You Need?

We were able to call in a geologist expert and an engineer to help assess the boulder. After an inspection from the geologist, we were assured that the rock was secure and safe to continue building on. Then we turned to our engineer and came up with a design and plan that would work around and with the rock. It was important to consult these experts to ensure the new construction would be safe and wouldn’t put the rest of the home at risk of shifting. 


Why Permits Are Important 

When remodeling your home, you’ll likely bump into a time when you’ll have to get permits to continue the work on your home legally. Sometimes these can seem like a headache, but they are there for a reason, and this project needed a lot of them due to the unique geological situation. We might have had a lot of back and forth with the permits being approved, but luckily we were working with experienced engineers and architects. They knew exactly what the department would be looking for and was able to get the drawings approved. This meant our clients didn’t have to push back their projects and were able to move forward. 

Without experienced professionals at your side, a home remodeling project can become a disaster. While not all projects are as risky as this one might have been, it’s still essential to ensure the construction is done right and legally. Experts can move the process along while also ensuring the project is safe and up to code!

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