6 Amazing Types of Hardware for Doors and Windows You Need in Your Home


A good handshake can be a great first impression, and so can a door handle. Opening, closing, and locking doors and windows are things we do without a second thought every day. However, the mechanisms that allow this are often overlooked or forgotten about, that is, until they break. Investing in high-quality and aesthetically pleasing door and window hardware is essential to the functionality and beauty of your home. So let’s explore some options while highlighting the elements you might have forgotten about. 

Door Knobs

Opening and closing a door without a doorknob would be next to impossible, but they don’t just have to be functional pieces in your home. They can complement the established style and suit your preferred needs. You can choose from round knobs, handles, levers, and even smart knobs, so you’re sure to find a perfect option. Check out this simplistic gold knob. It has clean lines and a brushed finish that would make it ideal for modern or even traditional homes. Look for this style in matte black, and it would also work for farmhouse styles. If you’re looking for something more high-tech, you might want to consider this fingerprint reading lever. It syncs with your phone and will only let in those with an authorized fingerprint. This could be handy if you have an office where you don’t want kids to go!


Door Locks

You’ll likely be looking for a lockset for front and back doors. That’s what it’s called when a doorknob and its lock come as one set. For example, this lockset from Build with Ferguson comes in this elegant gold and includes a handle and a deadbolt lock. This gives it a unified look and will work great against a stunning front door. This black lockset might also suit farmhouse designs if you need something more subtle and traditional. But you don’t always need a knob and lock together. If there’s a back door that needs a new lock, you might prefer this deadbolt option

Door Hinges

You might be thinking, ‘Really? Hinges?’, but selecting the right hinge for your door can be crucial to its aesthetic impact. You could opt for a more simplistic design like these black hinges from Rejuvenation. You could also add a bit of detailed metalwork with these intricate hinges by Signature Hardware. Depending on your needs and style, hinges may or may not be a time-consuming selection, but we don’t want you to miss out on this detail if you’re interested in making it shine!

Door Knockers

More often than not, door knockers are decorative and less functional. With doorbells and a good ole knock, door knockers are often left to hang without being used. This does not mean that you have to skip one! You might not have considered a door knocker, but after checking out this unique beehive knocker, or this stunning geometrical knocker, you might reconsider. It’s like jewelry for your front door!

Window Locks

Newer windows often come with built-in locks, so the need for additional window locks is typically unnecessary. However, if you have older windows or wooden windows that need locks, you have many options to choose from. Of course, window locks come in almost every color and metal finish you can think of, so matching it to your design is simply a matter of finding the right one. These detailed gold locks are stunning, and these casement window latches from Signature Hardware come in multiple finishes!

Window Handles

Similar to window locks, newer windows almost always come with handles or knobs so you can move the window up, down, or side to side. But if you’re looking to upgrade the look of your windows or if you’re replacing older handles on existing windows, you should check out these stylish shell-shaped handles or maybe these handles that come in 27 different colors and finishes! Luckily with window handles you can use cabinet hardware as a substitute and your options become limitless!

It’s more likely that you’ve spent a lot of time considering the types of cabinet hardware you’ll be putting into your kitchen or bathroom remodel and less time thinking about your doorknobs. While we understand this bias, we still believe that doors and windows deserve just as much bling as our cabinets. After all, they are the first impression someone gets when they walk or drive past your home or knock on your door!

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