Organizing Your Closets in St. Louis


Has your closet become a home to all your disorganized and unsightly clutter? When you open the door, are you greeted by the sight of all the bits and bobs you’ve shoved away? Never fear! Your closet doesn’t have to become a graveyard for all the household paraphernalia you never use.

Tackling Closet Clutter

organizing home closet

The first step for reorganizing any closet is decluttering. You don’t want to spend your time and energy making room for items you never use or wear. Whether it’s clothing, linens, or household odds and ends, take a moment to channel Marie Kondo!

Take everything out of the closet. Yes, all of it. You’re going to make a bit of a mess, but it has to get worse before it gets better. Make sure to give yourself enough time for a closet cleanout. Rushing through this part might cause you to make some hasty decisions, so choose a day when there’s no time crunch to get it done. 

Storage closets are a little bit different because this is where you store the stuff that you actually need – well, for the most part. In a lot of cases, these aren’t the work of a single day. If you have a giant storage closet that is overflowing, you may need to tackle it over several days. Not only will this keep you from becoming overwhelmed, but it will also help keep the mess to a minimum.

The Linen Cupboard

organizing home closetThis closet is the smallest of the small, where you store all your sheets, towels, and other household linens. The linen cupboard is the least likely to get overstuffed with clutter because of its modest size, but it can still get a bit messy. The linen cupboard typically consists of three or four shelves and tends to be a bit narrower than your average clothing closet. 

Once you’ve taken the first step and decluttered your linens, you’ll probably have a lot less junk to organize. To keep things extra neat and tidy, get some cute wicker baskets or other attractive storage containers to stow all your stuff away. The link above has some great ideas to help you organize your linens: try sorting by room—master bedroom, kids rooms, bathroom—by linen type—pillowcases, fitted sheets, face towels—or other.

Walk-in Closet

If you tend to hoard clothes, you probably have a messy, overstuffed walk-in closet. Fortunately, you have a lot of space to work with, so it’s not too difficult to reorganize a walk-in. It’s just about finding the right storage solutions that work for you and your space. If it’s in your budget, built-in shelving is an excellent investment for your walk-in closet.

One simple way to maximize space is to get the double hanger. Reserve one rack for long garments, like dresses, tunics, long skirts, and overcoats. In the other, use two stacked rods for shorter items: blazers, shirts, pants that are folded and hung, and shorter skirts. This way, you get twice the storage in the same amount of space.

Use vertical space to its best advantage, using drawers for folded clothing and stacked shelves for purses, shoes, accessories, and much more. And don’t forget about the space under your hanging rods. If your garments don’t touch the floor, this is the perfect spot for a layered shelf with rows of shoes.

Double Door Closet

This is a common type of closet for storage of all kinds. It may be smaller than the walk-in closet, but it’s just as functional! The same principles apply: use vertical space, layer your hanging rods, and don’t forget about the low-down areas. But here, you can also make use of the doors. Get over-door hangers, or install simple hooks to the insides. These are fantastic for any room in the house, and they can hold anything from your favorite garments to daily-use cleaning supplies or snacks.

In the upper areas over the tension rods, get cute storage bins to hold all your sweaters, accessories, and seasonal gear. Add labels for easy access and identification.

There are countless ways to organize your closet. It’s all about finding solutions that give you the ease and access you’re after – without compromising taste and style!

If you’re looking for a more integrated way to organize your closets, J.T. McDermott can create the perfect built-in storage solutions. Let us help you curate your closet! Call or email today; we’d love to show you how we can help. 


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