6 Unique Wooden Cabinet Designs for Your St. Louis Living Room


Living rooms don’t get as much attention as the kitchen or bathroom, but their role in our lives deserves recognition. Living rooms are where family gatherings are held, birthday parties are had, and where movie night sends popcorn into every crevice of the couch. While the kitchen is the workhorse of the house, the living room is where we share laughs and memories. So this special room must be decorated with items you love and that serve a purpose. Depending on the space available to you, there’s bound to be at least one cabinet design listed below that can help transform your living room into a more organized and beautiful space.

Types of Cabinetry for Living Rooms

There is no rule book that says you have to use furniture made specifically for the living. If you have other cabinetry or bookshelves that you think will look nice, by all means, slide them in there. However, some pieces just make sense for a living room space. 


Buffet Cabinets

Buffet cabinets are known to be used in both dining rooms and living rooms. They serve as extra storage for dishes, flatware, table linens, and more flat space to set down serving dishes during family holidays. They come in a wide range of styles and designs to suit almost any type of home. 

Storage Hutch

Also known as a China cabinet, storage hutches are basically the vertical version of buffet cabinets. However, you’re not going to be showing off the Thanksgiving turkey on top of a storage hutch. These cabinets usually feature a glass cabinet space as well as drawers on the bottom. 

Entertainment Centers

Many of us feature our TVs in our living rooms, and with all the devices we have nowadays with gaming consoles, DVD players, and WiFi routers, we need more storage space around the TV. That’s where entertainment centers come in. They house the TV and anything else you might need in and around the cabinets and drawers. They come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. 

TV Stands

Like entertainment centers, TV stands are smaller cabinets that sit beneath the TV instead of surrounding it. Usually, the TV will sit on the stand or hang on the wall above it. Again, consoles, board games, movies, and other devices can be stored here as well as extra blankets and pillows for guests. 

Bar Cabinets

If your kitchen or dining room is on the smaller side, you might not have a space for your expansive bar collection. Putting a bar cabinet in the living room allows you to store all your drink gadgets and favorite alcohol in one place while still giving the room some extra flair. These are often small cabinets with two doors and a small area for things to sit on top. 


While it’s traditionally a cabinet for clothing, armoires can also be excellent additions to living rooms. They have ample amount of storage for blankets, pillows, and any other linens you might need. Additionally, they can store movies, games, or other items you want easy access to, but you don’t want to look at them. 

Popular Cabinetry Designs 

There is a long list of different design styles that you can choose from, but here we’ll quickly go over the four most popular designs that you can find in almost all of the types of cabinets. 


With lots of details, dark wood stains, and ornate embellishments, traditional-style cabinets are popular in many homes. This traditional style armoire from Potterybarn features detailed knobs, embellished legs, and cabinet door grooves to give it depth and interest. 


Modern style is simple, with clean lines and subtle colors. This storage hutch by Welwick Designs is a great example of modern style with its knobless drawers, simple glass panes, and square legs. 


Easily one of the most popular designs in homes within the last decade, farmhouse design is all about rustic chic. Similar to traditional, farmhouse features details, raw materials, and neutral color pallets. This farmhouse-style TV stand by Martin Svensson Home is an excellent example. 

Mid Century Modern

Its rise in popularity within the last five years has made mid-century modern a widely desirable design style. It’s similar to modern styles but with a retro flair. This bar cabinet by Anthropologie is the perfect example with the light-colored wood and the gold detailing on the legs. 

To find the living room cabinetry piece that suits your needs and your style. Remember that you might have furniture in other rooms you might be able to migrate into the living room, or you might have some fun shopping for the perfect fit.

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