You’ve Got to Check Out These 6 Unique Home Improvement Ideas


When you think about home improvement projects, you likely think about the usual suspects like kitchens and baths. And don’t get us wrong, remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is a massive project that will change your life for the better. However, these are not the only project we contractors do, and we’d like to spend a moment talking about some of the most unique home improvement ideas we love implementing into our client’s home. So whether you’re looking to add something extra to your kitchen remodel or maybe a fun DIY project, we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll have to have!

Heated Driveway 

After a harsh winter, you might notice your driveway is looking a bit worse for wear. The ice, snow, sleet, and salt are terrible for the health of your driveway, and eventually, you’ll have to require it or replace it. While this isn’t the more fun way to spend money on your house, we have a feature you can add that will make it more fun and valuable during those harsh winters. Heating elements installed into your driveway will make shoveling snow in negative degree weather a thing of the past. So wake up every morning knowing you can get out of your driveway with a heated driveway. This unique home improvement idea will save you time and your back.

Secret Door into Secret Room

Sometimes when renovating a home, we move, remove, and add walls to change the house’s layout that better suits the family’s needs. During this planning, you might want to consider designing a secret room into the floorplan. This can be a fun idea for kids and adults and could range from a full-on secret playroom to just a small private reading nook for mom to escape to. No matter what you need your secret room for, we’re sure this fun and unique home improvement idea will be a hit among friends and family…if you decide to tell them!

Under the Stairs Pet House

We all know that our furry babies are almost just as important as our real children and that sometimes means giving them a special space of their own in the house. You might have seen these on social media before, but we love the idea of an under the stairs dog house. Utilizing the space under the stairs is a great way to make every square foot in your house matter. And with this unique home improvement idea, you’ll be transforming this space into an adorable tiny home for your pet! You can furnish it with beds, water, food bowls, mini TV with nature shows, lights, a treat dispenser, and a toy bin! This idea might be beneficial if you have a new baby or toddler in the family. Then the pet can get away from the loud and curious creature and have a safe space to relax and sleep. 

Indoor Cat Jungle Gym

Speaking of fur babies, cats are agile and adventurous animals. Unfortunately, these adorable felines can get destructive and unhealthy without proper stimulation and exercise. So instead of those boring and small cat trees, we suggest an indoor cat jungle gym! Homeowners are installing rope bridges, hanging platforms, tunnels, and more near the ceiling of their homes to provide their cats with a large and expansive space where they can climb, jump, and hide. The best part about these jungle gyms is their customizability. So no matter the size or shape of your home, you’ll be able to create a complex labyrinth for your cat to explore. Just don’t be surprised if you don’t see them for a few days!

Living Kitchen Wall

Many of us have tried to grow a small herb garden on our kitchen window. Fresh herbs are one of the easiest ways to bring your cooking to the next level. But there isn’t enough space on that window sill to grow all your herbs, lettuce, and other indoor-friendly plants for your cooking adventures. So instead, install a living wall in your kitchen. This is a space where you can grow some of your own food right in your kitchen without taking up a bunch of space with tables, plating boxes, and lights.

Deck Rail Bar Seating
Over the last few years, We’ve learned just how important it is to have a space outside where we can enjoy some fresh air. So while remodeling your deck, maybe you should consider adding a deck rail bar with seating. This unique home improvement idea isn’t expensive, and once you see it, you’ll wonder how you didn’t think of it before now. Using the railing, you can design the top of the railing to be wider and create an overhang where chairs can be pulled up to it and used for seating! This is ideal for families where the kids play in the yard, but you have some work on your laptop. Or maybe you need a place for guests to sit during your sports parties outside by the grill. Either way, this deck rail bar idea is affordable, but we bet you’ll get a lot of use out of it!

We hope these unique home improvement ideas inspired you, and maybe you’ll add one or two to your home during your next home improvement project!


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