5 Reasons Why a Multi Room Remodel Might be the Best Idea for You


Remodeling your home is a stressful time no matter how big the project is, and wondering if you’re going the right thing doesn’t have to be on that list of stressors. Is it best to remodel your home in phases, or should you tackle more than one room at a time? This is a complicated question and one that doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer. Today we’ll be talking about a few of the reasons why renovating multiple rooms at a time might be a good idea for you and your family. Keep in mind that this is a very personal decision, and every situation is different. For a more personalized look into this question, you should consider calling a contractor or designer and ask for their opinion. They’ll be able to look at all the factors in play and create a game plan design specifically for you. 

Keep Your Contractor

One of the biggest reasons we recommend renovating your home all at once is to keep the contractor. Contractors are busy! Interest in home remodels has gone up 50% within the last year, and now more than ever, construction companies across the nation are planning further and further out. So if you find one you like, and they can fit you in, you might want to jump on that. Worst case scenario, you call them back for the second phase of your project, and they don’t have any openings! Once you’ve created that relationship with a contractor, it can be devastating to try and find a new one. If you schedule your remodel all at once, you might have a bigger bill and longer construction time, but at least you’ll have a contractor that you know and love. 


Create Better Design Flow

You’ve probably been in a home where you can see where the home renovations start and stop. While this is common, it’s not desirable. You can avoid this by renovating multiple rooms at once and creating a more cohesive design flow so no one will be able to tell where your project started and finished. This doesn’t mean you have to renovate the entire first floor, but if you’re updating the kitchen, you can update the dining and living rooms as well to ensure they match the theme and aesthetic of your sparkly new kitchen. 

Get Back to Normal

It could be a good idea to break up your project into phases if holidays, birthdays, or other significant life events will get in the way. However, what’s not ideal is the fact that your life will have to be disrupted twice instead of once. Adding other rooms to the project scope might extend the timeline, but that won’t seem as big of a deal when you’re already in it. As opposed to getting back to normal, and then four months later starting all over again. 

It’s Sometimes More Efficient

Now, this isn’t always the case, but depending on the circumstances, it could be more efficient to renovate those rooms simultaneously. There’s already a dumpster there, the floors are already protected, and the crew has become a part of your family. When you break up the projects, there’s a certain amount of “set up” and “break down” time that can be doubled if the project is split in two. This increases the time the crew is in your home and probably adds more to the budget as well. 

It Might Save You Money

This is another one where it isn’t always the case. Sometimes it might actually save you money to break up the projects into different phases. However, there are more times than not when a contractor will be able to give you a discounted price if you proceed with the whole project at once. 

Again, the best way to figure out what method is best for you is by contacting a few Design-Build companies, telling them your ideas, and getting their professional opinion. They’ll also know their own timeline and openings to see if anything works out.

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