4 Innovative Ways to Pull off An Amazing Split Level Remodel in St. Louis MO


Many of us have a picture in our heads of what our perfect house looks like. And while these vary widely from person to person, we’re pretty sure there aren’t too many of us who dream of owning a split level. These traditional homes have a bit of a bad rap amongst homeowners, and while they serve their purpose, we hear a lot of complaints about them. So what exactly is wrong with split levels, and how could we fix them with a bit of remodeling magic?

What’s Wrong with Split Levels?

Let’s first go over the four most commonly complained about items when it comes to split-level homes. Reaching the height of their popularity in the ’60s, split levels have since become one of the least favorite home designs in American suburbs today. They lack enough natural light, which leaves them feeling dark and cramped. There are far too many stairs to work furniture, decor, and lifestyles around. The floor plans are often choppy, unorganized, and limiting. And the front of the house offers little to no curb appeal. They are often flat, featureless, and boring.

Of course, if you have a split level that you don’t love, you could find a new home and relocate. However, if you love the neighborhood, you might want to stick around and instead find ways to create a home that you’ll love for years to come. So how do we fix the flaws of the split level?

Exaggerate the Front Entrance

One of the biggest problems people have with the split level is the curb appeal or lack thereof. A fantastic way to combat this is by exaggerating the front entrance. Many designers have figured out that extending the entrance, embellishing the walkway, and maybe adding a cover to the entry can really improve the aesthetics of a split level. There are many ways to go about this, and it leaves it wide open for a more traditional style or even a more modern one. 

Partial Second Story Addition

Of course, you could add a full second story to your split level, but what we love about the partial addition is the unique shape it gives a split-level home. Not only do we hear about how there are too many stairs, but our clients also tell us how much they’d love more space within their limited and awkward floor plan. With a second-story addition, you’ll be adding a significant amount of living space where your family can grow and thrive in the home. It also improves curb appeal!

Tear Down Those Walls

There’s nothing worse than feeling cramped and in the dark in your own home. Split levels are notorious for having dingy rooms with limited light and not enough windows. An easy way to fix that is by adding more windows, but sometimes it’s just not enough. In this case, we suggest looking into removing some walls. This could be between the kitchen and living spaces or even removing partial walls between the stairs and other areas of the home. The idea is to allow more light to filter through and open the space up for easier decorating and functionality. 

Add a Deck or Patio to Break Things Up

The flat and dull exterior of a split-level home has some homeowners trying to figure out ways to increase this home style’s curb appeal. Curb appeal is essential for reselling your home as well as enjoying the view when you come home. This is one of the more straightforward split-level issues to fix since all you really need is a small deck or patio addition to bring some depth and variety to the front of the house. This also gives you more opportunity for decorations during the holidays, and a covered entry is an excellent place for packages to sit or visitors to wait during bad weather. 

So instead of leaving the neighborhood, you’ve grown to love, or hating on this classic yet a bit outdated home design, consider one or more of these home remodeling ideas to spruce up that split level and love your home again.

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