St. Louis Bathroom Remodeling Trends with Staying Power


bathroom remodeling trends st louis moYou can have the bathroom remodel you’ve always envisioned: designed right, beautifully outfitted, and built to your exacting specifications, all with a budget you love. If you’ve been dreaming about a new bathroom that’s big on personal style and comfort, we have good news. Today’s bathroom remodeling trends include materials, fixtures, and amenities with real beauty and lasting value.

Bathroom Remodeling Trends that Shine

The most recent NARI indoor remodeling impact report found that homeowners gave their bathroom remodel a “Joy Score” of 9.3 out of 10. To get on board the happiness train yourself, try incorporating some of this year’s hottest trends into your own bathroom remodeling project. From LED mirrors to bold fixtures and more, there’s a wealth of design elements that will work to create a highly personalized space you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Fixtures: Form and Function


bathroom remodeling trends st louis mo

Brass and gold tone fixtures are making a comeback, but don’t confuse them with the ones found in your grandparents’ bathroom. The new versions are warmer in tone and the perfect complement to a neutral color palette. They add the perfect amount of dimension, depth, and luxury to any bathroom. Polished chrome is still a great choice for a more modern and sleek look and feel. Whether you choose a satin, matte, or highly-polished finish, the latest fixtures are also made to keep fingerprints and water spots to a minimum. Another reason the new brass look is so popular in St. Louis? It works great with just about any style setting.

High Tech Features

One of the most exciting bathroom remodeling trends is the ever-growing role of technology. Everything from toilets to showerheads and faucets is going digital. Multiple showerheads are being used to give homeowners the at-home spa experience they crave. Medicine cabinets can be outfitted with 8” LCD tv screens, toilets feature self-opening and closing functions, touchless faucets use a fraction of the power they used to, and LED lights are being used to illuminate showers in gorgeous focal points.

bathroom remodeling trends st louis mo


A bathroom’s functional vanity area is usually made up of cabinets, countertops and one or more mirrors. Well-designed task lighting eliminates shadows and is designed for everyday grooming. A good lighting design includes ceiling or soffit-mounted fixtures coupled with side lights, such as sconces. Light bars and small pendants are also popular. For larger master suites, some homeowners are installing gorgeous chandeliers to dramatic effect. Putting lights on dimmers allows for lower light levels when relaxing in the shower or tub.


Updated Neutrals

Neutral color palettes remain popular. It’s no surprise – they work to give a bathroom a serene and relaxing feel. Homeowners are choosing whites, creams, and tans. Greige (a mix of beige and grey) remains extremely popular and can give your new bathroom a modern and elegant look. Paired with aged flooring or weathered tiles, this natural look can be completed with touches of blue, brown, and green. Materials like natural stone and reclaimed wood are finding more uses, too.

Bold Accent Walls

In an otherwise neutral color palette, an accent wall can be the perfect way to bring in a bold paint or tile color you love that might overpower the room if used on every wall. It can act as the defining statement of your personal style and become a focal point that sets the mood and look of the room.

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Did you notice a common theme in this year’s trends? Homeowners want to break from the mold and try things that are just a little bit different. The latest innovations in tech, fixtures, tile, and other design elements let you do just that. If you’re ready to remodel one or more of your Greater St. Louis area home’s bathrooms, drop us a line today. We look forward to meeting with you!

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