St. Louis Kitchen Design for Refrigerator Placement


kitchen design refrigerator placementIf you are getting ready for a kitchen remodel in your St. Louis home, among the many things you might be thinking about is where the refrigerator ought to be placed. Of course, the size and layout of your kitchen are largely going to dictate where the unit should go but, most times, it generally ends up in the corner – and there is a reason for that.

Why Refrigerators Are Good In The Corner

We put refrigerators in corners for various reasons. First, they won’t block the light or sight-lines if they are in the corner. Additionally, when the fridge doors are open, they won’t impede traffic. For instance, you don’t want someone to come barreling through the kitchen and run headlong into an open fridge door. Having the fridge tucked into the corner will help you avoid that.

The Tallest Thing In The Room

The refrigerator, typically, is the tallest thing in the room. As such, it should be placed beside other tall things, such as a wall oven, if you have one of those. This way, the grouping can look like it is built in. Keep in mind, however, that if you decide on this type of design, you will need plenty of countertops that are close enough to the fridge to be practical.

Think about it: if you are taking a 20-pound turkey out of the fridge, you won’t want to have to carry it too far to put it down.

kitchen design refrigerator placement

Close To The Pantry For Convenience And Economy Of Movement

If it’s possible, putting the refrigerator close to the pantry is a great idea. That way, when you are coming in with groceries, everything you need is concentrated in that one spot and you’ll be able to put things away quickly and easily.

On the same token, if you’re prepping food or making a grocery list, everything is located in one central area so you’re not running back and forth across the kitchen just to connect the dots. You can just reach out, open the doors, and have a look at all your stuff, take stock. Or, if you’re putting things away, everything’s going to be in roughly the same spot as opposed to being in two or three different spots spread out across the kitchen.

Fridge Placement In Small Kitchens: Considerations

When you have a small kitchen, you might be wondering whether the refrigerator placement even matters. The truth is, it probably matters even more.

In a small kitchen, we always want to consider the biggest thing in the room, and that’s usually the fridge. You don’t want it to block a walkway or a window, so you’re going to want to put it someplace where it’s of out of the way as much as possible but still convenient to get to. It is still one of the main components of the kitchen, so it needs to be integrated into the design in such a way that maximizes the rest of the space.

kitchen design refrigerator placement

Cost And Design Considerations

The good news is if you’re doing a remodel, moving a refrigerator is not going to affect the budget in any significant way. It’s just an outlet and, in some cases, a water line, if you have that kind of functionality in your fridge. It’s much easier to move than the sink or the range because there are no significant plumbing or gas lines to consider.

In terms of design, our clients often tend to defer to us for layout ideas, especially if they don’t particularly like the way it’s laid out to begin with. If that’s the case, most people are pretty open to whatever we think is going to work best for them. We always try to make the space as functional as possible while preserving any natural light. For instance, if there is a window, the sink will usually be placed beneath it. Then, the refrigerator and range will be placed naturally in the “kitchen triangle” to make it easy to work in.

What if there is no space for a fridge?

If your space is too small for a conventional fridge, you might consider a counter depth refrigerator. You don’t necessarily have to have a 36-inch wide refrigerator. If you have the budget for it, you might look into refrigerator and freezer drawers, which are modern, design-friendly, and convenient as they are placed below the countertop level.

Wondering where your fridge ought to go in your new kitchen design? We would love to help. Reach out today and let’s talk!

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