St. Louis Kitchen Design 2019


kitchen design 2019As we swing into 2019, we like to think about kitchen design trends that we imagine we will see more of in the year ahead. Looking ahead gives us the opportunity to explore some of the new finishes and design ideas that are becoming popular so that we can deliver the latest and greatest to our remodeling clientele.

Since trends can be fleeting, we tend to stay away from those we feel are going to come and go. Your kitchen, after all, is the one room in the house that probably won’t change too much over a period of years, so it’s always a good idea to choose timeless and functional over trendy.

So, with that in mind, here are some of the kitchen design trends we expect to see more of in 2019:


kitchen design 2019

In terms of cabinet finishes, we still see a lot of painted cabinets. Warmer grays, stained cabinets, and wood floors tend to complement each other very well while lending a classy, classic look that really never goes out of style.

As for style, seamless cabinets—that is, without hardware—are popular as they provide a sleek look that really highlights the countertops. Without having to install hardware, homeowners can splurge on higher-end countertops in non-porous materials like quartz (as opposed to granite or marble).

There is a growing trend toward doing away with upper cabinets in favor of lower cabinets, placing cabinets in the island or even installing floor-to-ceiling storage walls.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable or natural materials like cork flooring, bamboo, and polished concrete are all trending right now. Much more than just a passing phase, there are materials that will not only stand the test of time but are easy on the planet too. People are thinking ecologically these days and their choices of materials can make a world of difference without compromising the design aesthetic.

For instance, some wood-based materials contain a lot of formaldehyde. Some paints contain harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to the planet and your family’s health. Choosing sustainably-manufactured products are good for everybody – and the planet too.

Energy Efficiency

kitchen design 2019

LED lighting design, energy-efficient appliances, and a well-ventilated space support a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. LEDs are more economical from an energy standpoint, and the design options are virtually endless. As for ventilation and air quality, where kitchen windows are placed and how it connects to your outdoor spaces can enhance these qualities. Energy-efficient appliances are nothing new, but as time goes by, we will see more design options and features that are meant to accommodate IoT and other smart technologies. As consumer IoT is expected to land in 48 percent of homes by 2019, we will likely see a lot more of this in the year to come.

Concealed Hood Fans

kitchen design 2019

In many modern kitchens, we are seeing a trend toward concealed hood fans, which are sometimes hidden behind cabinet fronts, further supporting a clean, minimalist aesthetic.


kitchen design 2019

Many homeowners are opting to ditch the overhead cabinets in favor of a statement backsplash, which sometimes features a shelf at the top edge.

Accommodating Technology

Today’s technology is becoming a major consideration in kitchen design. People, families today, basically live out of their kitchen. The kids do their homework there, friends gather, and there’s a lot of cooking and prep going on. With today’s trend towards IoT smart home technology and the fact that everybody has mobile electronics they need to access, we need to make sure there are plenty of electrical and USB outlets as well as space accommodations for devices like Amazon Alexa and a tablet, which often serves as a cookbook.

Kitchen Design That Extends the Home’s Interior Design

kitchen design 2019

With today’s on-the-go lifestyle, the trend towards open kitchen design is here to stay. This means, from a design standpoint, that the kitchen should seamlessly connect to the other interior living spaces. More and more, we are seeing shelving and cabinetry applied to the kitchen that matches the rest of the home, providing a visually pleasing flow. This also makes the kitchen feel less utilitarian and more like a living, breathing space, which just makes sense for many busy families.

Contemporary Style Meets Mid-Century Modern

kitchen design 2019

Contemporary mid-century modern kitchen design is still very popular in St. Louis and we are doing a lot of that. The difference is primarily in accommodating today’s technology and modern appliances and integrating them in a natural way.

Mixing It Up: Using Contrast To Punctuate A White Kitchen

There’s a trend away from the all-white or all-grey kitchen that’s been so popular in recent years. To update the look, we might start with a white or a gray counter, but now we’re adding a black or stained cabinet. Or, we’ll have white cabinets and choose a colorful countertop and/or a backsplash in a contrasting color – basically, we’re mixing it up, so the room isn’t all one color from ceiling to floor.

New Kitchen Smart Tech

Recently, Delta came out with a smart faucet that can be voice-controlled with Alexa. Now, you can turn on your kitchen faucet with a voice command or ask it to dispense an exact measure of water without touching the faucet itself. For instance, you could pre-program it for the measure of water you would need to fill your coffee pot. Then, you could simply put the pot under the faucet, tell the system to fill your coffee pot, and go do something else without worrying about the pot overflowing.

It’s About Accessibility

This type of technology is designed just as much at supporting an aging population as it is for today’s busy lifestyle. Smart home tech makes it easier for people to stay in their homes longer, giving them a better quality of life. For instance, a stove equipped with smart controls and a camera inside the oven will allow someone with mobility issues to monitor their food without having to get up and physically check on it. They could monitor everything from their iPad.

On the same tack, a mom bathing their small child can control what’s going on in the kitchen without having to leave the baby alone; or a working parent can pre-heat the oven before leaving work to save time. 

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