A Saint Louis Bathroom Design in Grey


bathroom design grey st. louisGrey is the new neutral color. It truly is becoming more and more commonly used all throughout homes. Grey is even starting to replace yellow as the gender-neutral color for babies.

There is an entire movement around the color grey and it is becoming increasingly popular to use in modern, traditional, and even in styles like boho chic. People can’t get enough grey!

Why Use Grey in a Design?

Since grey is a cool color it promotes calming and wellness throughout whatever space it is used in. Cozy living rooms are decorated with several off shades of greys and whites to help bring that pop of color without overwhelming the senses.

However, darker shades of grey tend to give off a more masculine feel while remaining elegant and sophisticated.

Whereas warm greys are great to use in rooms without much natural lighting and add a touch of liveliness to the room. This type of grey simply has a touch of yellow which gives the impression of warm natural lighting even when the room is without.

bathroom design grey st. louis

Whether or not you want to use colors like purple to add a splash of elegance to your design or if you want to use gold to pack a punch of royalty to your space, grey is a truly versatile color to work with. That is what makes it so easy to use when designing basically any room.

We cannot forget to talk about texture as well. Grey has so many cool textures that you can play around with! You can introduce a slate tile that works well with most any modern design or even a standard tile to go a more traditional route.

Now some people are even using grey tinted stains when finishing their hardwood floors. This is a way of preserving the texture of the wood while sticking to a color pallet that even your floor will match up to.

Why Use Grey in a Bathroom?

bathroom design grey st. louisWe really can’t stress enough just how many options you have when it comes to grey! You can use a variety of tones to make the size of the room appear much larger than what it really is.

You can even use slate or tile to give the bathroom a modern stone feel. When using these tiles on your floors or walls you add more depth and texture to your design.

Some designs will incorporate pops of blue to further produce the feeling of calm and serenity. Some will add bright pops of red or yellow to give off a more luxurious and royal type feel.

One of the most common designs that we see is shades of grey with splashes of plain white to make the space seem bigger but more so to really emphasize relaxation and simplicity.

How Do You Light a Grey Room and What Accessories Should You Use?

Lighting a grey room can be more challenging then lighting most other spaces. The smaller the room gets, the more difficult finding a nice balance of lighting can become.

One aspect that will dramatically change the effect that the lighting in a room will have is the amount of natural lighting. Often, bathrooms will not have a large amount of natural lighting. This is because any windows that are found in the space tend to be on the smaller end.

A wonderful way to add some brightness to such a small area would be to use LED lights. LED lights are becoming increasingly popular to use within the home. They not only emit more light but they are safer to use since they do not heat up like standard light bulbs do. They even last longer than standard light bulbs.

bathroom design grey st. louis

If you have a vanity or a makeup mirror in your bathroom that you need brighter lighting for, using warm LEDs or even adjustable ones with a dimmer switch will make you look your best. Incorporating standard LEDs as recessed lighting or as highlights can also add a sense of brightness without becoming overwhelming.

When it comes to the accessories in the room, finding a good balance of texture and color can also become a little tricky. Remember that you want to use pops of color here and there to add depth and warmth to the room.

From the type of towels that you dry your hands with to the pictures and art hung up on the walls, everything you use will either add or take away from the intention of the room. Just remember, when it comes to grey, the possibilities are endless. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about what we can do to update your old bathroom to a beautiful relaxation space.

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