Remodeling Your Guest Bathroom: Remodel Designs for Your St. Louis Home


guest bathroom remodel designs st. louisYour guest bathroom has a different focus than bathrooms in the rest of the house. But, even though it is not your personal bathroom, it has the distinction of being the bathroom that most people see.

Because of this, some people view the guest bathroom as a bit of a showroom, a place where you can decorate and maybe have some fun with the fixtures and design. On the other hand, if you also have a master bathroom to remodel, the guest bath can also be the place to be conservative in order to put more money into the space you will use the most!

Guest Bathroom Perspectives

The guest bathroom tends to be a bit smaller than other bathrooms in the home, but its features are quite distinct. For instance, the storage requirements are minimal, so you don’t really need to worry about medicine cabinets, linen cabinets, and so on.

Guest Bathroom Storage

Usually, you can get away with just having one or two drawers or some space under the vanity for extra toilet paper, towels, soap, cleaners, and so on. There is definitely no need for extensive cabinetry or shelving.

Upgraded Decorative Elements and Fixtures

Ultimately, you just need to address the basics, and this can free up resources to spend on nicer tile, hardware, decorative elements, a fancy vanity or other features that would be impractical in your main bathroom. In other words, it’s an opportunity to get a little showier and dig into the design.

guest bathroom remodel designs st. louis

Countertops and Vanity

Since you don’t need to worry about all the toiletries, the toothbrush, and extra bottles of shampoo and hairspray, you can keep the surfaces to a minimum; however, you might decide to splurge on a quartz countertop or high-end fixtures like touch faucets or glass wash basins.

On the other hand, since the guest bathroom will not be exposed to as much abuse from curling irons, makeup, and so on, you could choose to install features that are not quite as durable because you know they will last longer.

Cost Concerns for a Guest Bathroom vs. Master Bath Remodel

Since the square footage in the guest bathroom is generally quite a bit smaller than the master bath, the costs are often as reflective of the size as they are the materials and features. In comparison, the master bath in most homes is two or three times the size of the guest bathroom.

In terms of features and fixtures, you would usually be looking at a separate tub and shower in the master bath whereas there would probably be a shower stall or a tub/shower combination.

guest bathroom remodel designs st. louis

Guest Bathroom Remodels: Changing The Layout in Confined Spaces

We generally approach a guest bathroom remodel with the goal of keeping the tub or shower in the same place. Because it’s the biggest part of the room and the room itself is likely quite small, the tub/shower is the least likely thing to move.

However, we may choose to move the toilet or the vanity. If there is a linen closet or big cabinets, we may remove them to gain some maneuverability.

If it is possible to expand the shower and there is an existing linen closet, we might remove the linen closet to make the shower area bigger.

guest bathroom remodel designs st. louis

Expanding into Adjoining Spaces

Many guest bathrooms are quite narrow and have all its features in a single line: the tub/shower, vanity, toilet, and that’s pretty much all there is room for. In this situation, we would look at updating fixtures, tile, and decorative aspects to achieve the new look because making the room bigger just isn’t in the cards.

If it’s possible to do so, we might decide to expand into an adjoining room or closet to gain some space. If the guest bathroom is next to the spare bedroom, for instance, this might be a workable solution, but you still have to make the decision to lose something to gain something else – for example, swapping out closet space for a bigger shower.

Since you generally find the guest bathroom in a hallway, it is typically wedged in between three walls, so there may not be a lot of extra room to play with. It simply doesn’t need to be as big as the master bath. You won’t need to make accommodation for two or more people, and you don’t need a lot of counter or storage space. Keeping this in mind may help you to keep things in perspective and make the most out of your budget.

Are you thinking about a guest bathroom remodel in your St. Louis home? Reach out today and let’s talk about it. We would love to hear more about what you have in mind and show you how we can help.

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