Remodeling 101: A Realistic Kitchen Renovation Timeline in St. Louis


kitchen renovation timeline st. louisMany of our clients have a good idea of when they’d like their kitchen remodel completed. It might be in time for the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays, a baby’s arrival, or a home wedding. This can be helpful for us to know, as we can then plan backwards to choose a start date that gets the job done on time.

Though it always depends on the size and type of kitchen remodel, we feel safe telling our clients that a typical kitchen renovation timeline is six to eight weeks, not including the design stage. To hit that schedule, it takes careful planning and coordination:

  • There is a lead time for everything, including cabinets, flooring, lighting, and countertops. For example, custom cabinets can take three to four months to build and ship to St. Louis, while semi-custom cabinets take between four to eight weeks.
  • There are multiple trades we work with and they all have their own schedules and contracts.
  • Permits must be obtained before work can begin.

Every so often, the wrong item is delivered or a client doesn’t like what they ordered. Or maybe the supplier wrote down the wrong part number or sent the wrong color. Replacing those items can sometimes mean a delay. That’s why we strive to take care of all these things at the front end of a project. Having materials and products on site or at our warehouse before construction begins is always the best way to go.

Experience also tells us that communication makes or breaks a timeline. From design to completion, clear communication allows us to meet your expectations and lets you avoid disappointment or frustration. Client involvement, one point of contact, and a primary mode of communication all make a kitchen renovation go that much smoother.

The Kitchen Renovation Timeline

Ensuring each step of your kitchen renovation is perfectly coordinated will make it a stress-free process. Here are the typical steps for how a kitchen renovation generally works.

  1.      Planning and design stage. We always recommend that our clients take as much time as they need during the planning and design stage. The more you work out in advance, the more you’ll enjoy your new space. Think carefully about what you want and talk to our designers about layout and selections. It’s always more cost effective to make choices and changes in the planning stages!
  2.      Materials ordering. Now’s the time to order those materials and products with long lead times. If you’re installing granite countertops, select and tag your slab now. Have a backsplash tile you love or having one custom designed? Start that process now, as well.
  3.      Demo. This involves removal of the existing kitchen and inspecting all things now exposed. Appliances, cabinetry, countertops, and flooring are taken out and we check the condition of the existing walls, floor, and ceiling. If everything’s in good working order, we can move on. Otherwise, modifications or repairs are made first.
  4.      Electrical layout. With the rare exception, all kitchen remodels typically require upgrading the electrical outlets and light fixtures. Since it’s much harder to move these things later, each location is clearly marked before the electrical crew arrives for the install.
  5.      Mechanicals installation. New plumbing, HVAC and electrical are installed, as are any home automation features like speaker or cable wire. There may be an inspection at this point before moving on to insulation and drywall.
  6.      Insulation, drywall, flooring installation. Assuming you are replacing the flooring, we lay the new floor before the cabinets are installed.
  7.      Cabinet and countertop installation. This is an exciting time for a lot of clients as it’s when the new kitchen really starts to come into focus.
  8.      Finish stage and painting. Next comes installation of plumbing fixtures, finishing of hardwood floors, installation of any decorative backsplashes, and the final trim. Painting the room is last.
  9.      Appliances, electrical fixtures, clean-up. No major explanation needed here. This is also the time we do small touch-ups.

Getting Started

Are you planning a St. Louis kitchen renovation and want to talk through your timeline? Have questions about another remodeling project you hope to do? Drop us a line today to get the conversation started. We look forward to meeting with you!

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